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Fall Leaves Stories

Fall Leaves Stories for preschoolers
Fall Leaves Stories

Fall is a magical time when the leaves on trees change colors and eventually fall off the branches. Looking at the beautiful colors and collecting leaves are lots of fun! Preschoolers love to explore and naturally curious about the world around. Read these stories about the changing of the leaves and learn why trees lose their leaves in the fall.

7 Fall Leaves Stories:

1. Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert–

This book is a visual treat! The pictures are actual leaves and Lois Ehlert’s signature die-cut pages are fantastic. Leaf Man is beautiful tribute to nature and preschoolers will delight in Leaf Man’s wind-blown adventures.

Leaf Trouble book

2. Leaf Trouble by Jonathan Emmett–

Learn about the changing of seasons with two cute little squirrels in this story. Worried about the falling leaves, a brother and sister squirrel unsuccessfully try to put the leaves back on the tree. Mommy squirrel teaches them all about fall and reassures them that new leaves will grow in the springtime.

"When the Leaf Blew In" book

3. When the Leaf Blew In by Steve Metzger–

This fun picture book is about an autumn leaf blows that into a barn causing a cow to sneeze. The sneeze sets off a series of barnyard events in this silly tale that will have preschoolers asking you to reread it over and over again! Be sure to check your library for this one!

4. We’re Going on a Leaf Hunt by Steve Metzger —

This rhyming story is a fun, leaf-hunting adventure. Preschoolers love Steve Metzger’s books and the silly sound effects that he skillfully incorporates into the story. This one will become a fall-favorite! Have your own leaf hunt after the story to continue the fun!

There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Leaves

5. There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Leaves by Lucille Colandro–

The silly old lady is back in this fall-themed story. She goes on a stomach-filling journey, gobbling up fall-themed items (a pumpkin, a rope, and some leaves). Preschoolers will laugh away at all of the silliness going on in this book!

Fletcher and the Falling Leaves

6. Fletcher and the Falling Leaves by Julia Rawlinson–

In this beautifully illustrated book, we meet a young fox named Fletcher who is unaware that some trees lose their leaves in the fall. Fletcher is determined to save the leaves from falling off of his favorite tree. Unfortunately each one of his ideas fail to keep the leaves on the tree. After the last leaf falls off the tree, Fletcher carries the little leaf home to his den. He puts it into a nice cozy bed for the night. When he returns to his tree in the early morning, a beautiful sight is waiting for him. His tree is covered in sparkling icicles! His tree reassures him that all is fine and that Fletcher is free to enjoy the beauty in front of him without worry for his tree.

"The Leaf Thief"

7. The Leaf Thief by Alice Hemming–

Every day Squirrel counts the leaves on his tree. One day, a leaf goes missing and Squirrel sets off to find the missing leaf. Along the way, Bird joins in and the two friends discover who the mysterious leaf thief is! This is a beautifully illustrated story about the natural changes that occur in the fall season.


Check your library for these and other fall leaves stories. To help cover the costs of this site, I joined Amazon’s Affiliate program. If you buy a book through one of my links, then I get a small percentage of the sale (at no additional cost to you). Thank you for your support! Happy Reading 🙂


Continue the leaf fun by making Leaf Stick Puppets–Go on a leaf hunt and collect leaves to make your stick puppet pals.


Squirrel Stories

Preschool squirrel stories

Squirrels are so busy in the fall, running around and gathering food for winter. They are fun to watch, and read about. My son and I picked out 10 of our favorite squirrel stories to share with you. We found all of them at our library, so please check your library for these great books!

10 Great Squirrel Books–

Bedtime in the Forest

1. Bedtime in the Forest by Kazuo Iwamura —

At some point every kid has wanted to stay up past their bedtime–doesn’t matter if they are boys or girls or squirrels! In this beautifully illustrated story, the three little squirrels want to stay up late and play with the owls. However, the squirrels all fall asleep during their late night playtime and their dad brings them back to bed. How are the young squirrels and the owlets going to be friends if they are awake at different times? They come up with a brilliant plan to exchange letters! If you enjoyed this one, check out the other squirrel stories in this series.

The Busy Little Squirrel

2. The Busy Little Squirrel by Nancy Tafuri —

Squirrel is busy preparing for winter and has no time to play. The other animals keep asking squirrel to take a break with them, but squirrel is too busy gathering food. This book is a great look at what squirrels eat and how they “squirrel away” food for winter. My son loves pouring over the illustrations and finding other busy squirrels in the background.

Cyril and Pat

3. Cyril and Pat by Emily Gravett —

This is a funny book about two friends, a squirrel named Cyril and a rat named Pat. They both live in the park and have lots of fun together. However, other animals tell they that they are too different to be friends. Can that be true? Cyril lists all of the ways that Pat is a great friend even though he is a rat. When a mean dog is after Cyril, Pat and his rat friends come to the rescue, proving that friends come in all different shapes, sizes, and species! The only issue I have with this book is that it uses the word “stupid” and that’s not something that I want to teach my son. But since he can’t read yet, I just skipped over that word when I was reading the story out loud to him. In my opinion, the message of friendship outweighs that one negative word.

Good Night, Bat! Good Morning, Squirrel!

4.Good Night, Bat! Good Morning, Squirrel! by Paul Meisel–

Bat thinks he has found the perfect home! However, it turns out that this is squirrel’s home. Since they sleep at opposite times, they don’t have a chance to communicate in person. Squirrel doesn’t want to share her home so she leaves Bat notes trying to get him to leave. Bat misinterprets the notes and thinks they are friends now. Kids will giggle at the misunderstandings and love the happy ending.

Leaf Trouble

5. Leaf Trouble by Emmett Johnson —

Learn about the changing of seasons with two cute little squirrels in this story. Worried about the falling leaves, a brother and sister squirrel unsuccessfully try to put the leaves back on the tree. Mommy squirrel teaches them all about fall and reassures them that new leaves will grow in the springtime.  

Nuts to You

6. Nuts to You by Lois Ehlert —  

Lois Ehlert is one of my favorite authors and illustrators 🙂 In this book, a curious squirrel wanders though an open window into an apartment! Oh my goodness, how are they going to get it out? Preschoolers will enjoy this squirrel’s nutty indoor adventure and the beautiful collage-like pictures. Bonus — the end of the book has squirrel facts.                                                                     

7. The Squirrels Who Squabbled by Rachel Bright —

Rachel Bright is a fantastic author! My son and I love her books, and I have read several of her stories to the library’s preschool storytime group, who agree that she rocks! In this book, squirrels Cyril and Bruce get in a fight over the last acorn. In a story similar to the Ant and the Grasshopper, one unprepared-for-winter squirrel is ready to do battle for the last acorn. The squirrels’ squabbles lead them on a hilarious adventure!

"Scaredy Squirrel goes Camping" by Melanie Watts; one of the Scaredy Squirrel stories
Scaredy Squirrel Goes Camping

8. Scaredy Squirrel Goes Camping by Melanie Watt–                            

Scaredy Squirrel has many stories, so if this one is not available at your library, try one of the others! In this camping adventure, Scaredy Squirrel likes the idea of camping and all of the fun things that go along with it, but he is scared to leave his tree home. Preschoolers will see themselves mirrored in Scaredy Squirrel as he voices his fears. While he is trying to avoid anything scary, he unwittingly faces his fears (in a silly way) and has a great time. This book provides a fantastic conversation starter about being afraid and how to overcome our fears so that we don’t miss out on the fun that is waiting for us!

Those Darn Squirrels

9. Those Darn Squirrels by Adam Rubin —

Old Man Fookwire loves birds and doesn’t want them to fly away in the winter. He comes up with a plan to entice them to stay with birdfeeders stocked with yummy food! The birds aren’t the only ones who like the food in the feeders; so do the squirrels. The squirrels and the man face off in a battle of wits over the yummy food. Kids will love the ingenious ways the squirrels come up with the get to the food!

The Golden Acorn

10. The Golden Acorn by Katy Hudson —

It’s time for the Golden Nut Hunt competition and squirrel is determined to win this year! However, the rules have changed and this year, it is a team event. Squirrel is super competitive and wants to do the hunt on her own. She reluctantly asks her friends to be on her team. Squirrel’s friends are trying, but they just aren’t performing as well as she hopes. Squirrel decides to go it alone because she thinks she can do the hunt better without them (who needs a team or friends, right?). As the hunt goes on, Squirrel comes to realize that she does need her friends and comes to understand the importance of team work.

Imaginations Running Wild

I hope you enjoy these squirrel stories! Check your library for these and other great books. To help cover the costs of this site, I joined Amazon’s Affiliate program. If you buy a book through one of my links, then I get a small percentage of the sale (at no additional cost to you). Thank you for your support! Happy Reading 🙂

Check out my FALL BOOK recommendations for more stories to read together!

More Squirrel Fun:                        

-Handprint Acorn: supplies needed are brown and tan paint, paintbrush, and paper. Let you child paint one of their hands tan and then stamp in on a piece of paper. Use the brown paint to paint on the top of the acorn. (

-Do like a Squirrel Does: Can you chitter like a squirrel? Jump like a squirrel? Puff up your cheeks? Find a yummy treat to eat? Pick a favorite tree outside? Scamper quickly? Wiggle your nose? What else does a squirrel do?


Thanksgiving Books: gratitude stories

Thanksgiving books: gratitude stories

Our November tradition is say something that we are thankful for every morning while we are eating breakfast. I like starting off our day on such a positive note. Plus, I absolutely love my son’s answers! The month of November, and Thanksgiving especially, provide a reminder to be grateful for all we have. To encourage thankfulness and gratitude, I picked Thanksgiving books with these themes in them to read with my son. Here are the ones we have enjoyed:

6 Thanksgiving Books

Bear Says Thanks by Karma Wilson–

Karma Wilson is one of my favorite authors and my son and I especially lover her Bear series! In this Bear book, Bear and friends come together for a wonderful fall feast. Each one contributes something to the meal, except for Bear, whose cupboard is empty. Bear is thankful for his friends and their generosity, but worries that he has nothing to contribute. That’s not true, his friends say. Then Bear shares the one thing he can, his fantastic stories! I love this lesson that everyone has something to share even if it is not a material thing.

The Berenstain Bears and the Prize Pumpkin by Stan and Jan Berenstain–

I loved the Berenstain Bears when I was a kid and I’m excited the their books are still available so I can share them with my son! In this Thanksgiving-themed story, the Berenstain Bears are entering the pumpkin contest. Of course the cubs and Papa really want to win first prize! Mama Bear gently tries to teach Papa and the cubs about the true meaning of Thanksgiving, but the bears are too consumed with the idea of winning to listen. When the family doesn’t win first prize, the Bears begin to understand the true meaning of Thanksgiving and being thankful for what they do have.

One is a Feast for Mouse by Judy Cox–

One is a Feast for Mouse is one of my favorite books to read at preschool storytime. This story is a beautiful example of not becoming greedy and taking more than you need. Mouse is a little animal and really doesn’t need too much food. However, when he sees all of the food set out for the family’s Thanksgiving meal, he gets greedy. He’s so busy trying to gather as much food as he can, that he doesn’t notice the cat! After escaping from the cat, Mouse learns to be thankful for what he has.

"Thanks for Thanksgiving" book by Julie Markes

Thanks for Thanksgiving by Julie Markes–

This sweet book reminds us to appreciate the little joys in life, like going to the park and our pets. Most of all, the children in this story are thankful for their family! Told in rhyming text with lovely illustrations, preschoolers will enjoy the simplicity of this story without being bored. At the end, the author includes a page for the reader to list some things that they are thankful for 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving, Biscuit by Alyssa Satin Capucilli–

The little girl and her dog, Biscuit, are busy getting ready for Thanksgiving. They bring yummy goodies to share with the neighbors, they bake a pumpkin pie for grandpa, and they decorate the house for the whole family to enjoy. I love that they are thinking of others! At the end of the book, the little girl says the things she is thankful for, and of course, one of the things she is most thankful for is Biscuit.

The Thankful Book by Todd Parr–

This is not a Thanksgiving book, but it is a THANKFUL book and honestly, Todd Parr’s books are awesome! I am huge fan of his artwork. You might recognize his artwork from Sesame Street. This book celebrates the things that we can all be thankful for, such as music for dancing, learning new things, and our shadows for making us look taller. With a mix of serious and silly, this book will have kids thinking of all the things they are thankful for too!

I hope you and your kiddo enjoy these Thanksgiving books as much as my son and I did! To help cover the costs of this site, I’ve joined Amazon’s Affiliate program. If you buy a book through one of my links, then I get a small percentage of the sale. thank you for your support! Happy Reading 🙂

Turkey Time

Turkey Paper Bag Puppet

Looking for turkey stories? Check out my post for 9 turkey books to read with your kiddo: Turkey Books

Turkey Craft: Make a Turkey Paper Bag Puppet out of a brown, paper lunch bag and construction paper.

Family Turkey Activity: Disguise the turkey so that it can avoid becoming dinner. Use your imagination to cleverly disguise this turkey! See the example and download the PDF here: Disguise the Turkey Post.


Disguise the Turkey!

My son came home from kindergarten with a really fun activity–disguise the turkey! It is a picture of a turkey printed with instructions to disguise the turkey so that it doesn’t get eaten for Thanksgiving. What a fun activity! It gave my son a chance to really be creative and have fun.

disguise the turkey activity
Disguise the Turkey!

The disguise possibilities are endless! One child added large ears and an elephant trunk; another kid covered the turkey in popcorn and pasted a popcorn bag to the bottom of the paper. My son decided to hide his turkey in a leaf pile! We went on a leaf hunt outside and found a bunch of neat leaves in different shapes and colors. First my son colored his turkey with crayons. He chose a rainbow themed for his feathers 🙂 Then he glued leaves all over his turkey so all that was left exposed was the turkey’s face, peeking out through the leaf pile. It turned out so cool!

I found a picture of a turkey and made a PDF that you can download (Free) for your child to disguise the turkey too! My son’s turkey was printed on cardstock. That made it more stable for gluing things onto it. If you don’t have cardstock, you can always print your turkey on regular printer paper and cut it out and glue into construction paper, or even a piece of cardboard.

I hope you and your child have as much fun with this activity as we did! It is a great family project. We really had to put our heads together to think of a good disguise and we enjoyed our leaf hunt!

Animals, Fall

Fox Paper Plate Craft–

Fox Paper Plate Craft
Fox Paper Plate Craft

Make a cute fox paper plate craft with your preschooler! Foxes go so well fall themes. Pair your craft with the fox books, Fletcher and the Falling Leaves by Julia Rawlinson, and Lawrence in the Fall by Matthew Farina.

Supplies Needed:

-paper plate

-orange tissue paper

-glue stick

-black pompom

-2 googly eyes



How to Make a Fox Paper Plate Craft:

Step 1: Cut a large triangle out of your paper plate. This will be the fox’s head/face.

Step 2: Next cut 2 small triangles out of the the paper plate to be the ears. Staple the ears onto the fox’s head.

Step 3: Our orange tissue paper came in 1-inch squares. If yours is not already this size, then cut or tear your tissue into 1-inch pieces. Glue your tissue all over your fox’s face and ears. It’s okay if your tissue sticks off of the side of your plate. You can just fold it over and glue the excess onto the back, or trim off the extra tissue paper.

Step 4: Once your craft is dry, add 2 googly eyes and a black pompom nose to your fox.

More Fall Crafts:

Fall is my favorite season and I just love to make fall crafts with my son! Foxes, owls, leaves, and pumpkins make such cute and fun crafts. Check out my list of fall crafts for more things to make with your preschooler 🙂

Animals, Fall

Turkey Paper Bag Puppet

turkey paper bag puppet
Turkey Paper Bag Puppet

Paper bag puppets are one of my favorite go-to crafts! They are easy to make with supplies we already we have at home and my son always has fun playing with them. He ran around the house making his turkey paper bag puppet gobble at everything!

Supplies Needed:

-paper lunch bag

-construction paper in red, orange, yellow, and brown

-googly eyes (my son really likes these colored eyes)


-white school glue

How to:

First thing to do is to cut out tail feathers. I cut out 2 of each color: red, orange, yellow, and brown

My son decided what color pattern order he wanted for his feathers. Then he glued the feathers onto the back of the backside of the bag. (The FRONT has the flap). We used white school glue to attach our paper feathers.

Next, flip your bag over to work on the turkey’s face. I cut out a yellow square, which I folded diagonally to make a beak. Then I cut out a red snood (kind of a squiggly shape).

My kiddo glued on the beak and snood. Then he attached his googly eyes and his turkey paper bag puppet was complete!

More Turkey Fun!

We read Animals on the Farm: Turkeys by Kari Schuetz and learned all about turkeys. This book has awesome pictures and was written at an easy to understand level. My son was so intrigued by how weird turkeys’ heads look! One of the cool things about this book is that it teaches the names for a turkey’s body parts, like a wattle and a snood. We found this book at our library. See if your library has a copy!

Check out my FALL post for more book recommendations and fall-themed crafts that you and your preschooler can enjoy together 🙂 My son and I also made a Scarecrow Paper Bag Puppet. We think it turned out pretty cute!


Scarecrow Stories and Craft

Scarecrow Stories

Fall is here and it’s time to read some scarecrow stories and make a craft. We made a scarecrow paper bag puppet out of supplies that we had at home and I think it turned out pretty cute!

Scarecrow Books

1. The Scarecrows’ Wedding by Julia Donaldson —

My son loves Julia Donaldson’s books! This is a cute, rhyming story about 2 scarecrows, Harry and Betty, who fall in love and plan their dream wedding. They set out in search of everything they need for their wedding. Harry and Betty find that they have to temporarily separate in order to get all of the decorations they need. The farmer notices that Harry is missing, and adds a new scarecrow. The new scarecrow tries to come between the happy couple. He smokes a cigar (Betty says “don’t you know that’s bad for you?”) and causes a fire. Yikes! Harry returns to save the day! They have their dream wedding with all of their friends 🙂

2. Otis and the Scarecrow by Loren Long —

Otis the tractor has several wonderful stories. In this fall-themed one, the farmer introduces a new scarecrow to the farm. Everyone is excited to meet the scarecrow, but its frown drives them all away. The scarecrow stands silently scowling in the field, day after day. Otis worries about the scarecrow being friendless and decides to befriend him. During a game of who can sit silently the longest, Otis decides to sit quietly by the scarecrow. The farm animals join him and they all stay quietly together until the puppy gets the wiggles! Otis thinks he might have seen the scarecrow smile just a little bit to be surrounded by friends.

3. The Scarecrow’s Hat by Ken Brown —

In this circular story, chicken wants scarecrow’s hat. With some great problem solving skills and a gift for bartering, she goes around the farm trading things with all of the animals until she gets something to trade scarecrow for the hat. The reader finally learns why chicken wants the hat so badly — for a nest!

4. The Scarecrow by Beth Ferry —

I was desperate for some scarecrow stories to read with my preschooler and I saw this and bought it without really checking it out first. I am so happy I bought this book! This is a truly lovely story about seeing the good in others. The scarecrow and the crow become best friends. They see each other through the ups and downs of life, side-by-side. Get ready for compassionate feelings to bubble up and smiles to form as you read this one!

5. There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Leaves by Lucille Colandro —

The silly old lady is back in this fall-themed story. She goes on a stomach-filling journey, gobbling up fall items (a pumpkin, a rope, and some leaves). Preschoolers will laugh away at all of the silliness going on in this book! What does she make with all of the stuff? Do you think its a scarecrow?

6. The Lonely Scarecrow by Tim Preston —

This book is an amazing tactile experience. The pages have ridges and shapes to touch and feel that compliment the lovely pictures. This is a beautiful story that teaches readers that just because something looks scary/different/unpleasant, doesn’t mean that it is. The animals are all afraid of the mean looking scarecrow, leaving it all alone. How can the scarecrow convince them that it wants to be friends? When the snow comes and falls over the scarecrow, it turns it into a friendly looking snowman. The animals flock to the snowman and the scarecrow finally has friends. Will the new friends remain after the snow melts? Check this one out from your library to find out.

Looking for more fall-themed stories? Check out my list of FALL BOOKS and APPLE-THEMED activities.

Scarecrow Puppet Craft

scarecrow craft
Scarecrow Paper Bag Puppet

Make a fun scarecrow paper bag puppet with only a few supplies:

  • 1 paper bag (lunch size)
  • construction paper
  • scissors
  • glue stick
  • googly eyes
  • a marker

My son picked out all of the colors for his scarecrow: greet hat, brown face, blue shirt, pink cheeks, blue patch, and yellow straw.

I cut out the shirt, face, cheeks, patch, and hat for him. He cut the yellow straw pieces.

First, my son glued the blue shirt onto the bag. Next he glued the face onto the flap of the bag. He glued the straw to the underside of his hat before gluing the hat onto the scarecrow’s head. Next, we flipped the puppet over and my kiddo glued straw pieces to the back of the sleeves. This made it look like straw was poking out the shirt.

After gluing all of the pieces onto the paper bag, my son picked really big googly eyes for his puppet. He stuck them on the scarecrow’s face, slightly under the straw. He drew on a great, big smile with a green marker for his finishing touch.

Alphabet Worksheet

Alphabet Maze

Make your way through this straw bale maze to get to the scarecrow at the end. Color the bales in alphabetical order to find your way out.

Click HERE to download this free PDF version of the Alphabet Straw Bale Maze for your preschooler to practice their alphabetical order skills.

Fall I Spy

If you haven’t already tried this fall-themed I Spy, now is your chance! It is full of cute fall-ish things that I love: hedgehogs, leaves, sunflowers, pumpkins, and of course, scarecrows! How many of each picture can you find? Write your answers in the boxes next to their pictures.

I hope you enjoy these scarecrow stories and craft!

DISCLAIMER: I joined Amazon’s Affiliate program to try and help cover the costs of my website. If you buy something through one of my links, then I get a small percentage of the sale. Thank you for your support! Happy reading 🙂

Fall, STEM

Fall Number Coloring Worksheets

Dot Number Coloring Worksheets
Dot Number Coloring Worksheets

Dot Number Coloring Worksheets

These acorn dot number coloring worksheets are perfect for fall! My son doesn’t like coloring very much, but he does like using his dot pens! I made these fun worksheets for him to practice identifying numbers 1-10.

Using dot pens (or color with crayons), spot and dot all numbers 1-10. There are two pages of worksheets. They are divided into groups 1-5 and 6-10. Spot the numbers and dot (or color) accordingly.

Pumpkin Coloring

This is a fun math skills worksheet to help your preschooler visual quantities. You can use your dot markers again for this pumpkin coloring worksheet or color in the pumpkins with crayons. Look at the number on the left and then color the same number of pumpkins.

Fall Counting

Get in the fall-spirit with this math worksheet full of cute fall shapes. Count how many of each picture are shown in the box on the left. Then write your answer.

More Math Skills Ideas

Fall I Spy Worksheet

My son loves numbers and counting! I made “I Spy” worksheets for him to practice counting and writing his numbers. There are lots to choose from, including a super cute Fall I Spy worksheet to go along with these acorn dot number coloring worksheets.

Apple Counting Activity

For a more hands-on counting experience, I made an Apple Counting game with flashcards and pompom apples. Download these free flashcards and apple tree picture for your preschooler to practice apple counting too!

Check out my MATH SKILLS page for more math worksheets and ideas.

Animals, Fall

Paper Plate Hedgehog Craft

Make a Paper Plate Hedgehog with your preschooler! This craft is simple, but pretty cute and kids love getting to use scissors. Since we color a lot, I decided to mix things up and get out the watercolors for my kiddo to decorate his hedgehog. The plate is thick, so watercolors worked great on it without causing any warping. I absolutely love hedgehogs and have quite a few decorating our house, so I was really excited to make a hedgehog craft with my little guy.

paper plate hedgehog craft
Paper Plate Hedgehog

Supplies Needed :

-1 white paper plate



-watercolor paints



Making the Hedgehog:

First I cut a paper plate in half and discarded one of the pieces.

Then I drew a basic hedgehog face shape with a sloping forehead and a long, pointy nose, and cut off the excess plate.

My son used his watercolor paints to turn his plate into a blue hedgehog.

The watercolor paints dry pretty quickly, so he didn’t have to wait long to makes cuts along the top of his plate and make hedgehog quills.

After he made all of the cuts, we gently pulled the quills apart to give them a spiky look.

He finished his craft off with some googly eyes.

My kiddo was so proud of this craft! I took pictures of him holding his project and texted them to his grandparents. He loved getting to use scissors and paints 🙂

Looking to make more fall crafts? Check out my FALL CRAFTS page for more ideas. We made all sorts of great crafts: paper plate foxes, turkeys, paper bag puppet scarecrows, handprint pumpkins, and lots more!

Fall, Halloween

Pumpkin Books

Preschool Pumpkin Books
Preschool Pumpkin Books

My son loves Halloween and I love pumpkin spice, so pumpkin stories are a natural fit for us! We own a few of these and have checked out the rest from the library. Check your library for these pumpkin books too! It was hard to narrow our choices down to a dozen, but I didn’t want this post to be too long 🙂 We hope you and your preschooler will enjoy these pumpkin books as much as we do!

Splat the cat and the Pumpkin-Picking Plan

1.Splat the Cat and the Pumpkin-Picking Plan by Catherine Hapka–

Splat is a good-intentioned, lovable kitten who finds himself searching for the perfect pumpkin for his mom. He and his mouse friend, Seymour, scour the pumpkin patch, but none of the pumpkins are quite right until Splat finds a gigantic, round orange pumpkin! How is Splat going to get this huge pumpkin home? Well he’s going to roll it all the way home by running on top of it, of course!!! Your preschooler will love Splat’s runaway, rolling pumpkin and sympathize with his quest for the perfect pumpkin.

Christopher Pumpkin

2.Christopher Pumpkin by Sue Hendra–

Christopher Pumpkin is the cutest pumpkin! Created by a witch to help get ready for a scary party, Christopher Pumpkin struggles to do anything the way witch wants. Christopher P. likes pink and sparkles and unicorns, not scary, spooky stuff. The witch gives him one more chance to do something scary or else she’s going to cook him. Will Christopher be able to turn his sparkly, cutesy decorating style into something scary? Check this one out from your library and find out! Told in a rhyming style, with bold, bright illustrations, preschoolers will love reading this one over-and-over again!

Duck and Goose Find a Pumpkin

3.Duck and Goose Find a Pumpkin by Tad Hills–

I adore Duck and Goose. They have the best friendship and such sweet adventures together. In this short, sparsely worded story, Duck and Goose go looking for a pumpkin in very unusual places. Your preschooler will giggle as they look for a pumpkin in a lake and on top of a tree stump. Fortunately, their friend, Thistle, comes along and tells them about the pumpkin patch 🙂 (non-holiday story)

Too Many Pumpkins

4.Too Many Pumpkins by Linda White–

This story is about a woman who HATES pumpkins! She won’t even look at them. So when a truck accidently spills pumpkins in her yard, she does everything she can think of to keep them from growing. The pumpkins, however, thrive in her yard. When fall comes, she finds that she has too many pumpkins! The woman devises a great plan to get rid of the pumpkins and along the way, ends up making new friends with her community 🙂 This sweet story is perfect for fall / Halloween and a heartwarming display of the joy of sharing and connecting with others.

The Runaway Pumpkin

5.The Runaway Pumpkin by Kevin Lewis–

In this funny story, siblings Buck, Billy, and Lil, go up a hill search of a big pumpkin. The one they find is gigantic and soon, they have it rolling down the hill and destroying everything in its path. The family members below are too intrigued by dreaming of eating eat it to be concerned about the damage its causing. It finally comes to a stop and Granny turns this gigantic pumpkin into a whole bunch of yummy pumpkin foods for a Halloween feast.

Pumpkin soup

6.Pumpkin Soup by Helen Cooper–

Duck, Cat, and Squirrel and three good friends who like to make pumpkin soup together. Everyone has a specific job to do. One day, Duck decides he wants to switch jobs, which leads to a fight among the friends. Duck leaves in a huff. Soon Cat and Squirrel go in search of their friend. Will Duck want to come back and make soup with them? Kids will love Cooper’s illustrations and enjoy going on the fall journey with these characters. The book also includes a recipe for pumpkin soup that you and your kiddo can make together! (non-holiday story)

Berenstain Bears and the Prize Pumpkin

7.The Berenstain Bears and the Prize Pumpkin by Stan and Jan Berenstain–

I loved the Berenstain Bears when I was a kid and I’m excited the their books are still available so I can share them with my son! In this Thanksgiving-themed story, the Berenstain Bears are entering the pumpkin contest. Of course the cubs and Papa really want to win first prize! Mama Bear gently tries to teach Papa and the cubs about the true meaning of Thanksgiving, but the bears are too consumed with the idea of winning to listen. When the family doesn’t win first prize, the Bears begin to understand the true meaning of Thanksgiving and being thankful for what they do have.

The Biggest Pumpkin Ever

8.The Biggest Pumpkin Ever by Steven Kroll–

This is the story of two little mice who unknowingly fall in love with the same pumpkin! One wants to make the biggest Jack-o-lantern and the other wants to win the town’s biggest pumpkin prize. When they realize that they have both picked the same pumpkin, the mice work together to help it grow.

A Unicorn Named Sparkle and the Pumpkin Monster

9.A Unicorn Named Sparkle and the Pumpkin Monster by Amy Young —

Lucy and Sparkle have fun doing autumn things together. They visit a pumpkin patch, explore a corn maze, and play games. Things get a little too spooky for Sparkle, who is afraid of a pumpkin monster. Lucy, who enjoys being scared, learns that not everyone likes to be a little scared. This is a sweet story about two friends who learn to respect one another’s feelings. Plus it ends with an awesome rainbow from Sparkle’s magic horn and yummy treats for the friends to enjoy together.

Pumpkin Trouble

10.Pumkpin Trouble by Jan Thomas–

This short book will bring out the giggles as farmyard friends run from the pumpkin monster! Wait a minute, did that pumpkin just quack? Slapstick comedy, bright illustrations, and a confused duck make this book a preschool winner 🙂

Pete the Cat: Five Little Pumpkins

11.Pete the Cat: the Five Little Pumpkins by James Dean–

Preschoolers’ favorite cat, Pete the Cat, brings the pumpkin finger rhyme to bedtime in this fun book. Count along with these cool, rhyming pumpkins sitting on a gate. Kids will love the pumpkins’ costumes and the fantastic Halloween illustrations!

12.The Legend of Spookley the Square Pumpkin by Joe Troiane–

The Disney Jr. Halloween movie started as a book! This is a sweet story about a square pumpkin who just doesn’t seem to fit in the with round pumpkins in the patch. The round pumpkins make fun of Spookley for looking different. But one Halloween, a storm starts blowing the round pumpkins all over the place! Oh no, there is a hole in the fence. Will they roll right out into the bay? It’s up to Spookley, the square pumpkin to save the day. Preschoolers will enjoy this rhyming story and will be keeping an eye out for a square pumpkin next time you go to a pumpkin patch.

More Books!

I hope you and your preschooler enjoy these pumpkin books! There are so many pumpkin books available that we love, and we hard a hard time narrowing down our choices for this list.

Looking for more great stories to read together? Check out my FALL favorites, ZOMBIE book recommendations, 12 MONSTER Stories post, and my GHOST Stories for preschoolers.

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