Mermaid Stories

12 Mermaid Stories for Preschoolers
12 Mermaid Stories

Get ready for some adorable and fun reading! We’ve rounded up a list of 12 fintastic mermaid stories for preschoolers! There’s rhymes, underwater adventures, cute animals, and plenty of adorable mermaids.

12 Mermaid Stories:

"The Mermaid" by Jan Brett

1. The Mermaid by Jan Brett–

Jan Brett has created a beautiful under-the-sea retelling of Goldilocks featuring Kiniro, a young mermaid. Uh-oh, the octopus family is coming home and Kiniro is still asleep in their home! The octopuses are not happy to have a stranger in their home. Kiniro awakens, quickly gives them a gift, and dashes safely off for her own home. Phew! We love Jan Brett’s trademark visual storytelling in borders on every page. The illustrations throughout this book are fantastic! The story takes place off the coast of Japan and showcases beautiful shells, sea creatures, and ocean plants.

"How to Catch a Mermaid" by Adam Wallace

2.  How to Catch a Mermaid by Adam Wallace–

This book is great for preschoolers. It has a mermaid, awesome pictures, silliness, and a rhyming story! A couple of kids and dog try and catch a mermaid. They have shiny bait and lots of traps, but the mermaid is quite clever and escapes. Oh no, one of their plans backfires and the kids and the dog find that they are the ones trapped. Yikes, a bunch of sharks are coming! What are they going to do? Mermaid to the rescue! Whoo-hoo, everyone is safely returned to shore.

"Mermaid Dreams"

3. Mermaid Dreams by Kate Pugsley–

On a trip to the beach with her family, Maya, a shy girl, wants to play with some of the other children. She falls asleep and dreams she is mermaid! Maya goes on a fantastical underwater adventure in search of a friend. She discovers lots of fun sea creatures before coming across another mermaid! The new mermaid wants to play with her. Maya awakens, but finds that the fun doesn’t have to end because here is a little girl who wants to play! A cute, imaginative story 🙂

"Mermaid School"

4. Mermaid School by Joanne Stewart Wetzel and Julianna Swaney–

Finally, a book with boy mermaids (mer-boy?)! My son was so happy to see that boys could be mermaids too. Join Molly on her first day of mermaid school in this sweet book about starting school. This story shows what little mermaids can expect on their first day of school, including some jitters and making new friends. The rhyming text and cute illustrations will entertain your mermaid-loving child.

"Little Mermaid" by Rhiannon Fielding

5. Little Mermaid (Ten Minutes to Bed) by Rhiannon Fielding–

My son loves the “Ten Minutes to Bed” series! We have read every single one published so far. The stories are adorable and Chris Chatterton’s illustrations are magical! In this story, a little mermaid named Splash just can’t fall asleep. She swims out to explore the under water world around her. Your child will love looking at all of the cute sea creatures and will enjoy Splash’s curiosity. While adventuring, her father’s voice rings out, counting down how many minutes left until bedtime. Will she make it to back home to bed on time? Check this one from your library to find out!

"The Mermaid Counting Book"

6. The Mermaid Counting Book by Suzanne Diederen–

My son loves counting books and has so much fun looking for all of the objects on the page! In this adorable counting book, little Umi the mermaid explores her underwater world, counting shells and sea creatures. Each page has something new count as the reader makes their way from one to ten. Preschoolers will like the cute pictures and the rhyming text in this book.

I'm a Mermaid

7. I’m a Mermaid (Little Golden Books) by Mallory Loehr–

This book has really cute illustrations and short rhymes that teach young readers all about mermaids. Your preschooler will love seeing the mermaids ride seahorses and settle into bed in a seashell. I like that there are both boy and girl mermaids with various skin tones.


8. Oona by Kelly DiPucchio–

You are going to love this treasure hunting duo, Oona the mermaid and her best friend Otto the otter.  They go on adventures and search for treasures! There is one treasure that they just can’t reach — the golden crown. The golden crown is stuck in the deep, dark, scary rift.  But when the grandest treasure yet is stuck in a deep, dark rift. Oona comes up with all sorts of clever ideas to get this crown, however, each time she falls short. Preschoolers will sympathize with Oona’s frustration at not achieving her goal and the feeling of despair that follows. However, this little mermaid is not going to give up! Read this book and find out how Oona and Otto finally capture the golden crown. There are 2 more books in the Oona series to read too!

"Can I Give You a Squish?"

9. Can I Give You a Squish? by Emily Neilson–

Kai, a little mer-boy, loves to give hugs, which he and mama call a squish! He hugs all of his ocean friends with exuberance. But one friend, a puffer fish, doesn’t want to be squished! Kai learns that everyone shows affection in different ways. Turns out puffer fish likes to give fin-bumps! This is a sweet story that helps little ones understand that we have to respect our friends’ boundaries.

The Furfins and the Mermaid Wedding

10. The FurFins and the Mermaid Wedding by Alison Ritchie—

This an adorable book featuring mermaids and furfins, a cute little animal with a mermaid tail. Today the mermaid princess is getting married and furfins are so excited! When distaff strikes and the cake goes missing, the furfins have to find it! On the way they learn a valuable lesson about making sure everyone feels included.


11. Pearl by Molly Idle–

In this beautifully illustrated story, mermaids are the guardians of the ocean. Some watch over the coral reefs, others the kelp forests, and the ocean animals. Young Pearl wants a job too so her mother gives her a grain of sand and instructs her to care for it. one tiny grain of sand? Pearl is so disappointed. However, Pearl soon learns that even something that’s starts out small and seemingly insignificant can grow to make a huge impact!


12. Aqualicious by Victoria Kahn–

While enjoying a fun family trip to the beach, Pinkalicious and her brother, Peter, find a mini mermaid ( a “merminnie’) named Aqua. Pinkalicious and Peter show Aqua how much fun there is to be had on the shore. But when a seagull snatches Aqua, Pinkalicious and Peter must help her get back home.

Thank you for reading mermaid stories with us! Check your local library for these and great books to read together. To help cover the costs of this site, I joined Amazon’s Affiliate program and I provided affiliate links to the books I listed. If you buy an item through one of my links, I may receive a small commission (at no additional cost to you). Thank you for support. Happy reading!

Mermaid Craft!

Make a cute mermaid tail craft out of construction paper and paint!


Flamingo Tissue Paper Craft

Flamingo Tissue Paper Craft

My son and I love flamingos! I recently posted a list of our favorite flamingo books for preschoolers — 8 Great Flamingo Stories — and we made this fun flamingo tissue paper craft to go with our stories. I had all of the supplies on hand, so this was a quick for me to pull together and lots of fun to make!

Supplies Needed:

  • Markers or crayons
  • Pink Tissue Paper
  • Glue stick

How To:

I cut pink tissue paper into 30 1-inch x 1-inch squares for this project. You may need less if your child does not scrunch them up as tightly as we did. If you want, you can cut out 20 and see if you need more as your child glues them on.

Print out the free flamingo coloring sheet. Grab your markers or crayons and color in the flamingo. Color in the whole body just in case you there are gaps in the tissue paper that you can see through.

Once everything is colored, begin scrunching up your tissue paper squares and gluing them onto the flamingo’s body. The tissue paper gives the project a fun feathers effect!

The flamingo looked pretty cute with its tissue paper feathers, but it needed some sparkle. We had left over jewel stickers so we added a few around the flamingo. The stickers were just what we needed are we are so happy with how the flamingo tissue paper craft turned out!

Flamingo Tissue Paper Crafts

Ballerina Dancer Sticker Craft

Ballerina Dancer Sticker Craft

We got a pack of jewel stickers that came in lots of different shapes and sizes, and these stickers were so pretty that I couldn’t wait to use them. Some of the stickers looked like pearl earnings and I knew that I wanted to use them on something elegant. Originally I was thinking about using them on a mermaid craft, but decided to decorate a ballerina dancer instead! While “craft” might be stretching it a bit, this picture was fun to color and even more fun to cover with stickers. I think this ballerina dancer sticker craft turned out pretty cute!

Supplies Needed:

ballerina dancer printable (free downloadable PDF)

-markers / crayons / or color pencils

jewel stickers (Amazon Affiliate link)


This ballerina dancer sticker craft is pretty easy: just print, color, and add stickers!

Print out the free ballerina dancer PDF. I used regular printer paper because I was out of cardstock and it held up just fine so don’t worry about what paper you use. Now grab something to color your picture with. We used skinny markers to color ours because some of the confetti was pretty small and I thought crayons would be hard to use. However, use which ever coloring materials you like best!

After you have your picture colored, it is time for stickers! Honestly, adding the pretty, shiny stickers is the best part! We gave our ballerina some earrings (I had to use those cute little pearl stickers) and added a flower to her bun. Then we decorated her tutu and added some sparkles to the middle of the roses. We still had plenty of stickers left, so we added some more stickers around the picture for some extra sparkle.


Summer Books for Preschoolers

Summer Stories

The changing of the seasons is always an exciting time! Let’s read some summer stories and find out what happens in the summertime (at least in North America). Here are 7 books for you and your preschooler to read together.

Summer Song

1. Summer Song by Kevin Henkes–

Henkes asks readers to open themselves up to nature’s summer song. It is a song of wind blowing through tall grass; the hum of air conditioners and fans; and the clicking and clacking of sprinklers. Summer’s song is made up of birds chirping, and rain and thunder from summer storms, as well the buzzing and humming from bugs. The summer song isn’t just something you hear — it is also something you see. The lovely illustrations by Laura Dronzek feature iconic summer scenes of children laying in the tall grass, playing at the beach, and exploring ponds. The song is also something you feel outside on a hot day, lounging in the shade, or cooling off in a pool. This book is a great introduction to the joys of summer and good conversation starter with preschoolers about their favorite parts of summer!

One Hot Summer Day

2. One Hot Summer Day by Nina Crews–

This story takes place in an urban setting and features a young girl looking for a way to beat the heat! It is too hot to play on the swings and slide, but the sand box feels nice and cool and making chalk art on the sidewalk in the shade of a tree is lots of fun. And nothing beats a popsicle on a hot day! The photographic collage style of illustrations captures the girl’s enthusiasm and joy of enjoying a summer day. 

And Then Comes Summer

3. And Then Comes Summer by Tom Brenner —

This book is an ode to the carefree summer days of childhood! It’s a time for bike riding, lemonade drinking, and pushing back bedtime. It is also a time to celebrate the Fourth of July, eat lots of ice cream, play in the sprinklers, and go camping. There is so much fun to be had in the summer!

Mouse's First Summer

4. Mouse’s First Summer by Lauren Thompson–

Mouse and Minka investigate a Fourth of July picnic. What are these yummy foods and yellow drink, wonders Mouse? Preschoolers will love telling Mouse about watermelon, lemonade, and sandwiches! Mouse and Minka explore a little past the picnic blanket. They discover a kite and fireflies! This short, but sweet story ends with Fourth of July fireworks lighting up the sky. Hooray for summer!

Summer Color

5. Summer Color by Diana Murray–

School is out and time it is time to explore outside! Follow along with these 2 children and see what lovely summertime colors they discover outside. This might even inspire your little one to go on a color adventure too! The fantastic pictures and rhyming text are just what preschools want in their stories!

I See Summer

6. I See Summer by Charles Ghigna–

This short story, with simple text, is great for young children who can’t sit still for long stories. Preschoolers will love the rhymes and the bright pictures. It features lots of iconic summer images and activities, such as sunshine, trips to the lake, summer thunder storms, playing in the shade, lemonade, ice cream, and fireflies. This is great starting point for preschoolers to start thinking about summertime and what changes warm weather brings. 

Amanda Pig and the Really Hot Day

7. Amanda Pig and the Really Hot Day by Jean Van Leeuwen —

In these short stories, Amanda and her friends and family look for ways to keep cool on a hot day. How is a young pig supposed to cool down on a very hot day? She tries cold water, lemonade, and an ice pop, but nothing is doing the trick. She seeks advice from her dad, who is tending to the garden outside. Dad knows just what to do. He sprays Amanda with the hose! Now she feels so much better. On hot days, it is nice to sit in the shade and relax. Amanda invites her friend over and they under an apple tree, drinking lemonade and enjoying each other’s company. Everyone likes lemonade on hot days. Amanda and her friend decide to sell lemonade at a lemonade stand. They had lots of fun making and selling lemonade! When it is really hot, it can be hard to fall asleep. Dad tells Amanda a story that takes place in the snow. He includes polar bears, cold treats, ice, and lots of snow, which helps Amanda take her mind off of the heat. A nice cool breeze starts to blow and Amanda is able to go to bed. 

Thank you for reading summer stories with us! Check your local library for these and great books to read together. To help cover the costs of this site, I joined Amazon’s Affiliate program and I provided affiliate links to the books I listed. If you buy an item through one of my links, I may receive a small commission (at no additional cost to you). Thank you for support. Happy reading!


Fourth of July Books

Preschoolers want to join in on the Fourth of July celebrations too! Parades, picnics, and fireworks are so much fun for everyone! Here are 8 Fourth of July books to help get your child excited about the holiday, learn about some of the traditions, and what the holiday means.

8 Fourth of July Books:

Fourth of July Mice!

1. Fourth of July Mice by Bethany Roberts

My son really enjoyed this cute little Fourth of July story! The adorable illustrations feature mice doing lots of traditional Fourth of July activities — a patriotic parade, picnic, sack race, and of course fireworks! The rhyming text makes this especially fun for preschoolers and overall a really fun way to introduce Fourth of July celebrations.

God Bless Our Country

2. God Bless Our Country by Mike Berenstain–

It’s summertime in Bear Country and the Berenstain Bears are getting ready to celebrate the Fourth of July. The cubs get a simple overview of why we celebrate Independence Day on July 4th. Finally it is time for the Fourth of July parade! The cubs rode their red, white, and blue-decorated bikes, the veteran bears marched in their uniforms, bands played, and floats cruised down the street. Following the patriotic parade, the town celebrates with fireworks and the Bear family gives a special thanks to God for the freedoms they enjoy.

F is for Flag

3. F is for Flag by Wendy Cheyette Lewison–

This book is all about the American Flag. It gives a simple overview of what the flag stands for, the reason for the stars and stripes, the colors of the flag, and nicknames for it. You’ll find a short and easy to understand history of the flag in this book. Included is the Pledge of Allegiance, and what it means to make this pledge. This book is a nice overview for learning about the America Flag with text written at a great level for children to understand.

Mouse's First Summer

4. Mouse’s First Summer by Lauren Thompson–

Mouse and Minka investigate a Fourth of July picnic. What are these yummy foods and yellow drink, wonders Mouse? Preschoolers will love telling Mouse about watermelon, lemonade, and sandwiches! Mouse and Minka explore a little past the picnic blanket. They discover a kite and fireflies! This short, but sweet story ends with Fourth of July fireworks lighting up the sky. Hooray for summer!

You're My Little Firecracker

5. You’re My Little Firecracker by Nicola Edwards–

Oh my goodness, this is such a cute board book! It has short, rhyming text that is really a love poem between a parent and child. It includes lots of Fourth of July celebratory symbols such as fireworks, the American flag, hot dogs, and pie. The bright colored pictures and the die cuts make this book really visually appealing to young children.

My Fourth of July

6. My Fourth of July by Jerry Spinelli–

An enthusiastic young boy is so excited that it is the Fourth of July! He loves parades, picnics, pies and watching the fireworks with his family. Set in a country, idyllic setting, complete with a train draped in red, white, and blue bunting, this book is loving ode to enjoying a beautiful holiday with one’s family.

Apple Pie Fourth of July

7. Apple Pie Fourth of July by Janet S. Wong—

It’s the Fourth of July and young Chinese American girl wants to go out and celebrate, but is stuck at her family’s general store, which is open on the holiday. Her family makes lots of fresh Chinese food to sell even though she tries to explain that Americans don’t eat Chinese food in the Fourth of July. However people begin pouring into the store at dinner time for Chinese food. The girl learns that America is a melting pot and that there is no right or wrong food to eat on the Fourth of July. After the rush, it is time to close the store. The family goes up to the roof to watch the fireworks show and eat their apple pie!

McDuff Saves the Day

8. McDuff Saves the Day by Rosemary Wells—

McDuff, a little white dog, and his family are headed out for a Fourth of July picnic. Once at the picnic spot, McDuff takes guard of the picnic basket. Despite his watchfulness, sneaky bugs steal the food right out of the picnic basket! Oh no! Now what will they eat? It’s McDuff to the rescue! The little dog makes a new friend who kindly shares his picnic. Preschoolers will enjoy the family’s and McDuff’s silly antics during the drive to and from the picnic, as McDuff somehow always gets the front seat!

Thank you for reading these Fourth of July books with us! Check your local library for these and great books to read together. To help cover the costs of this site, I joined Amazon’s Affiliate program and I provided affiliate links to the books I listed. If you buy an item through one of my links, I may receive a small commission (at no additional cost to you). Thank you for support. Happy reading!


Reasons to Homeschool

There are a lot of homeschool myths out there, and the internet is filled with homeschool shaming. If you are thinking about homeschool, then you already have some good reasons in mind as to why this might be the best option for your family.

school supplies

There are many reasons why a family might consider homeschooling their child. For starters, homeschooling allows for a more personalized learning experience for each child. With homeschooling, parents can tailor the curriculum to their child’s unique learning style and interests, as well as adjust the speed of learning to fit their child’s needs. Additionally, homeschooling allows children to learn at their own pace and explore topics in greater depth.

Another benefit to homeschooling is that it allows families to spend more time together. Instead of worrying about carpools and after-school activities, homeschoolers can spend quality time with their parents and siblings exploring new topics and developing their skills.

Finally, homeschooling can provide a safe learning environment, free from peer pressure and negative influences. Parents can be sure that the values and morals they are teaching their children will be reinforced in the homeschooling environment.

Homeschool Preschool Tips:

Homeschooling preschool can be an exciting and rewarding experience for both you and your child. If you’re looking for ideas and resources to help you get started, here are some helpful tips:

  1. Make sure you’re familiar with your local homeschool laws and regulations.
  2. Set up a learning space for your preschooler that is comfortable, engaging, and age-appropriate.
  3. Find out what educational materials are available in your area and online.
  4. Design a curriculum that is tailored to your child’s interests and learning needs. Check out my free homeschool preschool lesson plans: https://imaginationsrunningwild.com/preschool/alphabet/
  5. Consider joining a homeschooling community or online forum to connect with other homeschoolers and find support.
  6. Have fun and be creative! Homeschooling is a great opportunity to explore new topics, activities, and ideas with your child.


5 Steps for Homeschool Preschool Success

I loved doing preschool with my son at home! This was a truly rewarding experience and I’m excited that you are about to embark on this wonderful journey! Here are some tips and 5 steps for homeschool preschool success.

STEP 1 — Set Goals

5 Steps for Homeschool Preschool Success

What do you want to accomplish by doing preschool at home? Take a look at your local school district’s kindergarten entrance requirements for a starting point. Typically a child entering kindergarten needs to be able to say the alphabet, be able to recognize some of letters, count up to 20, recognize shapes and colors, and write their first name.

STEP 2 — Lesson Plans

Now that you know what you want to do, let’s make that happen. You need to find a curriculum or make your own lesson plans. There are plenty of free options. Check with your local district, state education department, find a free curriculum online, or join up with a homeschool group in your area. I organized my son’s preschool lessons around learning one letter per week, with plenty of time for revisiting ones he was struggling with and lots of seasonal activities.

STEP 3 — Create a Schedule

Preschoolers thrive on consistency and routines. Once you start your homeschooling, you might need to tweak your schedule. Once you have a schedule that works for you, try your best to stick to it. Here is a link to the schedule I used: https://imaginationsrunningwild.com/preschool/alphabet/

STEP 4 — Make a Space

Now you know what you are going to do and when you are going to do it, so it’s time to decide where you are going to work on preschool activities. You don’t need a dedicated homeschool room. Find a space that is free from distractions (not in front of the TV or by the toy box). Gather all of your supplies and have them in this space ready to go.

STEP 5 — Find Local Resources

You are not alone! There are lots of other homeschool families, you just need to find them. Where to look? Try Facebook — this is a great way to connect with homeschool families around the country. Go to your local library. Homeschool families greatly rely on their libraries and often participate in the library’s activities. Your librarian can likely help you connect with other homeschoolers.


Book-Themed Gifts for Kids

Get book-themed gifts to go with your child’s favorite book! The Kohl’s Cares program offers affordably priced books and plush toys each year around Christmas that are always super cute. There so many options beyond plush toys, although my child does love those too. If you are looking for book-themed gifts then check out my list of toys that are sure to spark your child’s imaginative and help bring their favorite books to life! As a disclaimer, this post may contain affiliate likes (more information about this at the end).

15 Book-Themed Gifts:

Very Hungry Caterpillar Magna-Tiles

1. The Very Hungry Caterpillar Magna-Tiles

This is the coolest building set! Children get to bring the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar to Life while engaging their eye-hand coordination, understanding of magnets, and spatial awareness, all while stimulating children’s creativity. This building set is so much fun and perfect for families looking to add more STEM activities into their little one’s play! Add on these cute Very Hungry Caterpillar socks (which my son loved) and you will have the most adorable playtime.

Pigeon and Duckling Finger Puppets

2. Pigeon and Duckling Finger Puppets

Use these adorable finger puppets to bring Mo Willem’s Pigeon book series to life! These are perfect for reenacting the story, The Duckling Gets a Cookie?! My son loves pretending to be the Duckling and the Pigeon and makes up lots of other adventures for them!

Fly Guy Plush with book

3. Fly Guy Plush

My son has this cute Fly Guy plush and loves it! Hug this plush while you read Fly Guy’s Ninja Christmas and other Fly stories! Fly Guy loves to go on all sorts of fun adventures around our house 🙂

Pete the Cat Groovy Buttons Game

4. Pete the Cat Groovy Buttons Board Game

My family loves playing this Pete the Cat board game where we have to collect Pete’s groovy buttons. Preschoolers love Pete the Cat and will have lots of fun playing this game and counting all of their buttons. After you finish playing, read the book Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons together!

Llama Llama Plush

5. Llama Llama Plush

We love Anna Dewdney’s story, Llama Llama Red Pajama, and this Llama Llama plush is the cutest companion to the book. This plush toy absolutely adorable and perfect for bedtime cuddles!

Elephant and Piggie Tote

6. Elephant and Piggie Read Kids’ Tote Bag

This is the perfect bag for carrying all of your library books! We love our Elephant and Piggie Read tote bag and use it all of the time. It has strong, durable straps and features some of our favorite book characters! My son loves that the Pigeon snuck onto the bag too!

Dragons Love Tacos Book and Toy

7. Dragon’s Love Tacos Book and Plush Set

Now you can have the book and the dragon toy in one cute set! Use this dragon plush to help act out this hilarious story for endless fun!

There was an Old lady Who Swallowed a Fly puppet and props

8. There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly Puppet and Props

This plush and finger puppet set is a great way for preschoolers to get hands-on with the story. These toys let children be an active part of the storytelling and encourage lots of imaginative play! Pair this with the Child Play’s book that features fun illustrations and cut-outs in the pages.

Brown Bear, Brown Bear Storybook Flashlight Projector

9. Brown Bear, Brown Bear Storybook Reels Flashlight Projector

Wow, this Brown Bear story projector is amazing! Not only to kids love playing with flashlights, but they love Brown Bear, Brown Bear, and now the two are combined into one awesome present. Bedtime has never been so much!

Classic Stories Felt Board

10. Classic Stories Felt Board — Goldilocks, Three Little Pigs, Tortoise and the Hare, and Hansel and Gretel

My son loves playing with felt boards and so do the preschoolers at the library’s storytime group! Now children can act out four of their favorite classic stories and make up their own endings for tons of fun. I love how imaginative my son is when he plays with his felt board and the stories he creates with the felt pieces!

Busy Town Puzzle

11. Richard Scarry’s Busy Town Seek and Find Giant Floor Puzzle

I grew up with Richard Scarry’s Busy Town and I am so happy to see that my son likes these stories too. We read the little board book, Cars and Trucks from A to Z (featuring Lowly Worm driving an applemobile), so many times that it fell apart! The puzzle feature’s Richard Scarry’s cute characters and their silly cars! This puzzle’s large pieces are great for preschoolers to be able to manipulate and the bright colors are sure to draw their attention to puzzle pieces.

Little Red Riding Hood Puzzle Game

12. Little Red Riding Hood Deluxe Skill-Building Puzzle Game

This puzzle set is so neat! My son got this for Christmas and he is really enjoying it. There is a book that tells you where to position the pieces and you have to figure out how to get Little Red Riding Hood safely to her grandma’s house. This game encourages critical thinking skills, problem solving, and spatial awareness development. There are several puzzles to choose from, which equals hours of entertainment!

Curious George T-Shirts

13. Curious George T-Shirts

My son loves wearing clothes with his favorite book characters on them! He thinks of them like dress-clothes and he wears them so he can pretend he is the character. This Curious George t-shirt set comes with 3 cute shirts for your preschooler to enjoy while getting into some monkey trouble!

The World of Eric Carle Bath Book and Toys

14. The World of Eric Carle Bath Book and Toys

Now you can read in the bath tub without fear of ruining a book with this special bath book featuring favorite books characters drawn by Eric Carle. Add tons of fun and creative play to bath time with these bath toys featuring storybook favorites the Very Grouchy Ladybug, Brown Bear, Mister Seahorse, the Very Hungry Caterpillar and more!

Pete the Cat Giant Sticker Book

15. Pete the Cat Giant Sticker Activity Book

Kids love stickers and they love Pete the Cat, making this activity book a winner! My son recognized the stickers from different Pete the Cat stories and was really excited. This activity book is great way to keep your child entertained on the go without adding to their screen time.

Don’t forget books always make great gifts! Looking for book recommendations? Check out my book lists for ideas.

Thank you for checking out my list of book-themed gifts for children! I joined Amazon’s Affiliate program to try and help cover the costs of this site. If you buy something through one of my links on Amazon, then I get a small percentage of the sale (no extra cost to you). Thank you for your support! Happy reading 😉


Hanukkah Stories for Preschoolers

We are not Jewish, but we have lots of friends who are, and I wanted my son to learn more about Hanukkah. I checked out a ton of books from the library and shared them with my son and my preschool storytime group! Here is a list of preschooler-approved Hanukkah stories!

Hanukkah Stories

12 Hanukkah Stories:

Biscuit's Hanukkah

1. Biscuit’s Hanukkah by Alyssa Satin Capucilli–

My son loves Biscuit stories! In this story, Biscuit learns that Hanukkah is all about sharing fun, food, and festivity with family and friends. Biscuit learns how to make a menorah, helps the little girl wrap presents, and even shows some love for the family cat!

Chanukah Lights Everywhere

2. Chanukah Lights Everywhere by Michael J. Rosen–

In this lovely counting story, a little boy counts the Chanukah lights that he sees each night. Not only are these lights at home on his menorah, but he notices lights all around him. Learn more about the celebration of Chanukah and the importance of paying attention to the wonders all around you.

The Count's Hanukkah Countdown

3. The Count’s Hanukkah Countdown by Tilda Balsley–

It’s Hanukkah on Sesame Street and Grover is having a Hanukkah party. At the party, the Count meets new friends, learns the story of Hanukkah, and enjoys some latkes. He also learns that eight is the perfect Hanukkah number. This story covers the holiday customs of candle lighting, dreidel spinning, and gift giving. It explains the historical background of Antiochus, the Maccabees and the miracle of the oil. While on the long side, repetition and humor will help keep preschoolers engaged with the book.

How Do Dinosaurs Say Happy Chanukah?

4. How Do Dinosaurs Say Happy Chanukah? by Jane Yolen–

From the warm glow of holiday candles to the fun of family gatherings, dinosaurs love to celebrate the Festival of Lights. Jane Yolen understands that sometimes everyone, even dinosaurs, forget their manners when they get caught up in all of the festivities. However, her rhyming text serves a gentle reminder to stay on our best behavior.

Hanukkah Bear

5. Hanukkah Bear by Eric Kimmel–

In this adorable book, Bubba Brayna has invited the rabbi to join her for Hanukkah dinner. A mix-up occurs when an uninvited guest drops by and Bubba Brayna, with her poor eyesight, mistakes a bear for the rabbi! Together she and the bear play the dreidel game, light the menorah, and enjoy delicious latkes. Preschoolers will love being in on the joke and are sure to giggle throughout this one!

Honeyky Hanukah

6. Honeyky Hanukah by Woody Guthrie–

This a rocking, dancing-along Hanukkah book! A boy, his guitar, and his dog sing their way through the neighborhood, gathering friends and family for a Hanukkah celebration. Book come with a CD featuring the Honeyky Hanukah song.

Latke, the Lucky Dog

7. Latke, the Lucky Dog by Ellen Fischer–

Latke, a dog has just joined a new family! It’s the first night of Hanukkah and this doggy has a learn to learn about the holiday, as well as the house rules! Preschoolers can commiserate with Latke, who just can’t help but eat the yummy treats and unwrap the presents. After a series of mishaps, Latke tries to be on his best behavior and the family rewards him with a chew toy. This story is told from the dog’s perspective and the illustrations are adorable, making this a great choice for preschoolers.

Gracie's Night: a Hanukkah story

8. Gracie’s Night: a Hanukkah Story by Lynn Taylor Gordon–

This is my favorite Hanukkah story! I love this story because even though Gracie’s family doesn’t have a lot of money, she still realizes that she is rich in love. Gracie is so excited to buy her Papa new warm clothes for Hanukkah, but when she sees someone in desperate need of warmth, Gracie give away Papa’s gifts. Her selfless act brought a Hanukkah miracle to someone in need. Check out this read-aloud of the story: https://youtu.be/_hPVUhvz4u0

Hanukkah Haiku

9. Hanukkah Haiku by Harriet Ziefert–

This is a beautiful poetic book about the eight nights of Hanukkah. Each night gets it own haiku. The amazing stepped pages add one candle to the menorah every time the page is turned, symbolizing the lighting of a candle for each night Hanukkah.

Beautiful Yetta's Hanukkah Kitten

10. Beautiful Yetta’s Hanukkah Kitten by Daniel Manus Pinkwater–

One winter night, Yetta, a chicken who is the honorary mother of a flock of parrots, discovers a kitten in a snowdrift. The parrots are nervous about taking care of a cat, but Yetta reminds everyone that it is Hanukkah. The group of birds bring the kitten to a Jewish grandmother who feeds them all latkes. Filled with a sprinkling of Yiddish and Spanish words, this is a fun book to read-aloud and sweet story to enjoy together.

Queen of the Hanukkah Dosas

11. Queen of the Hanukkah Dosas by Pamela Ehrenberg–

Sadie’s family is both Jewish and Indian, so at Hanukkah they eat dosas, traditional Indian pancakes in stead of latkes. Before they can eat their yummy dosas, however, they have to buy the ingredients and cook the food. Little Sadie can’t stop climbing on everything, driving her older brother crazy! But when the family gets locked out just before their Hanukkah party, Sadie and her climbing skills save the day.

I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Dreidel

12. I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Dreidel by Caryn Yacowitz–

At Hanukkah, a family is visiting their bubbe (grandma) and before they can enjoy the yummy meal, Bubbe accidently eats a dreidel. She keeps eating Hanukkah items — latkes, gelt, and a menorah — in this cumulative story. Filled with humor and rhymes, this one will keep preschoolers entertained while introducing them to Hanukkah celebrations and traditions.


Thank you for checking out my list of Hanukkah stories for preschoolers! I hope you enjoy these books! My son and the preschoolers at the library’s storytime group really liked all of these books. I joined Amazon’s Affiliate program to try and help cover the costs of this site. If you buy something through one of my links on Amazon, then I get a small percentage of the sale (no extra cost to you). Thank you for your support! Happy reading 🙂

Hanukkah Crafts!

I love making crafts that go along with out stories! Here are two Star of David crafts to make preschoolers:

Decoupage Star of David: make a beautiful Star of David craft for Hanukkah.

Easy Star of David: easy Star of David craft for toddlers/preschoolers that only needs craft sticks, glue, and a blue marker.


Interactive Books for Preschoolers

Interactive Books for Preschoolers

Looking to keep your preschooler interested in books? Try these 13 interactive books that are begging the reader to take part in the story! From saying silly words and making funny faces, to shaking and twisting the book, these books will keep your child engaged and wanting to read more! Also check out my list of FUNNY books and SILLY RHYMING stories for more great preschool book recommendations.

13 Interactive Books to Read:

Paw Patrol CarryAlong Play Book

1. Nickelodeon PAW Patrol: A CarryAlong Play Book —

My preschooler loves Paw Patrol! This pup show is preschool favorite and this carry-along book is tons of fun! It has pull tabs to add to the enjoyment as preschoolers learn how the Paw Patrol saves the Turbots and monkeys from an exploding volcano! Marshall uses his water cannons to cool the lava, Skye, Chase, and Ryder swoop in for some daring rescues, and Rubble used his digger to stop the flow of lava.

There's a Unicorn in Your Book

2. There’s a Unicorn in Your Book by Tom Fletcher —

A unicorn appears in this cute interactive book! Unicorn is sad and it is up to the reader to help unicorn feel better. By waving out fingers to make magic dust, swishing the book, telling unicorn jokes, and being a good friend, the reader helps make unicorn feel better. A sweet story about the power of talking to a good friend.

I Saw Anaconda

3. I Saw Anaconda by Jane Clarke–

My son says this anaconda book is awesome because it has so many flaps! Every page is interactive and my son giggles as the anaconda eats everything in sight. Plus, he learned about some new animals (a stork, piranhas, and a skink). We bought this for a couple of other preschool age kids we know because my son enjoys it so much.

4. There’s a Dragon in Your Book by Tom Fletcher —

Tom Fletcher makes funny, interactive books that preschoolers just love! Just look at this cute little dragon — adorable!!! Oh no, it has flames. In a book! Quick, help keep your book safe. Preschoolers will enjoy all of the activities the book tells them to do in order to keep the dragon from sneezing flames.

Kiwi Cannot Reach

5. Kiwi Cannot Reach!  by Jason Tharp —

This story is laugh-out-loud funny and interactive. Kids will love helping Kiwi attempt to reach the rope that is hanging from the top of the page. The ending will result in lots of giggling and requests to read it again and again! We had checked this out from the library and my son loved it so much that I ended up buying it for him — it is still a favorite at bedtime! Check this out from your local library.

Cat Secrets

6. Cat Secrets by Jef Czekaj–

This is a fun, interactive book that your preschooler will enjoy! In order to learn the top-secret cat secrets, the reader must prove they are a cat! Meow, purr, nap, and do other cat-like things to earn the cats’ trust so that the secrets can be revealed to you. Keep a lookout for the sneaky mouse!

There's an Alien in Your Book

7. There’s an Alien in Your Book by Tom Fletcher —

This is a fun, interactive book about a little alien who crash lands in your book! Meeting an alien seems scary at first, but the reader learns that being mean is not the answer. Fletcher incorporates a gentle message of acceptance mixed in with lots of humor that will keep your preschooler entertained. My son enjoyed the interactive components to the book and had fun shaking and flapping the book to try and rid it of the alien.

Don't Wake the Dragon

8. Don’t Wake the Dragon by Bianca Schulze —

This interactive bedtime book is so much fun! My son loves when he gets to be part of the story. In this book, the reader has to help keep the dragon asleep. Of course, the castle happens to be really noisy! Gently rock the book back and forth and sing a lullaby so that the dragon goes back to sleep. Hopefully your little one will be ready to fall asleep too!

Froggy Gets Dressed

 9. Froggy Gets Dressed by Jonathan London —

Froggy is preschool fan-favorite! His books are full of excitement, fun sounds, bright pictures, and struggles that little kids can relate to. In this story, Froggy is supposed to be hibernating for winter, but he wakes up to explore the snow. He has to put on all of his warm clothes, with “zuts” and “zaps” before he is ready to explore. Ask your preschooler to say all of the fun sounds out loud with you! Unfortunately, he keeps forgetting something important and has take all of his clothes on and off over and over again. Just when he thinks he has everything he needs, his mommy yells that he forgot his underwear! Yikes!!! Poor Froggy trudges back inside. By now he is too tired to play outside, so he climbs back into bed and falls asleep. Kids can pretend to get dressed along with Froggy to add some interactive fun to this book.

Bunny Will Not Smile

10. Bunny Will Not Smile by Jason Tharp–

This is a silly, interactive story where the reader tries to help the bear, named Big, get Bunny to smile. Big has tried everything he can think of and now it is time for reinforcements — you, the reader! Make a funny face; now an even funnier face! Read this book to see if your funny faces made bunny smile!

Press Here

11. Press Here by Herve Tullet–

This book is tons of fun! Start by pressing the yellow dot on the cover and then follow the instructions on the inside pages. Each page instructs the reader to push the button, shake it up, tilt the book, and more. Get ready to giggle as the dots multiply, change direction, and grow in size. I was just as impressed as my preschooler at this awesome book!

Don't Push the Button

12. Don’t Push the Button! by Bill Cotter–

Don’t push the button! That’s it. Seems pretty simple right? But what do you think happens when you push the button? Maybe we should find out? Uh-oh, we turned the monster another color. Yikes, now we added dots. Oh no, now there are 2 monsters! Push, shake, and tickle your way through the story to get the monster back to normal. This story is tons of fun and sure to bring out the giggles as you read this one!

Do You Want a Hug?

13. Do You Want a Hug? (Disney Frozen) by Kevin Lewis–

Join Olaf in a game of hide-and-seek in the wintery world of Frozen’s Arendelle. This is a fun interactive book, where the reader gets to “play” with Olaf. Olaf’s joy is contagious as he asks the reader to give him a hug. Olaf runs splat into the book page and bonks his nose. He mistakenly thinks that the reader is playing a game and that he can’t get a hug until the game is over. Olaf suggests Leap Troll and Ring Around the Reindeer before settling on hide-and-seek. All right, no peeking as Olaf hides. Can you find him?


Check your library for these and other interactive books for preschoolers. To help cover the costs of this site, I joined Amazon’s Affiliate program. If you buy a book through one of my links, then I get a small percentage of the sale (at no additional cost to you). Thank you for your support! Happy Reading 🙂