Book Lists

I LOVE books! I love to read them, share them, and talk about them 🙂 It is so important to read to your kids. Sometimes it can be a struggle to find books that your kid enjoys. As a good rule of thumb, preschoolers like books that rhyme; books with bright pictures; interactive books; silly stories; and books that feature families. For younger kids, you want to make sure that the text is not too long. A guideline for read-alouds is 2 minutes per year old. So for a 3 year old, you ideally don’t want a book that takes longer than 6 minutes to read. Here is a list of book recommendations by topic. Check your library for these and ask your librarian for other book recommendations too!


Alphabet — 5 books about the ABCs.


Animal Book Lists

Bats — 10 books about bats!

Bears — 10 stories.

Birds — 3 bird books and a craft.

Bugs — 12 bug books for preschoolers!

Bunny books — 12 great stories about bunnies/rabbits/& hares.

Butterflies — 10 stories about butterflies!

Dogs — 5 stories plus activities.

Dragons — 10 fun dragon books to read together.

Flamingos — 8 books about these beautiful pink birds!

Hedgehogs — 6 stories about cute little hedgehogs.

Ladybugs — 6 cute stories about ladybugs.

Owls–10 owl stories for preschoolers to enjoy.

Penguins — 10 books about these adorable birds!

Polar Bears — 8 stories about these snow-loving bears.

Reindeer –14 reindeer stories.

Sharks — books to sink your teeth into!

Sheep — 8 sheep stories to share with your preschooler.

Snow Animals — 12 books about animals that live in snow.

Squirrels — 10 great squirrel stories!

Turkeys — 9 turkey stories.

Unicorns — 15 awesome unicorn books!

Zoo Animals— 12 books about animals you might see at the zoo.


Colors — 15 books about learning colors.

Rainbows — 5 stories about rainbows!


Apples — 7 apple stories plus craft and STEM activities!

Cookies — 10 cookie stories to read at Christmas and all year-long.

Fruit — 2 books and crafts about yummy fruit!

Vegetables— 10 awesome stories to get your kid excited about vegetables.


Back to School:

Back to School — 13 books about going to school.

Preschool —

Kindergarten —

Chinese New Year:

Chinese New Year — 6 stories to read for Chinese New Year.


Christmas — 25 books to read while you countdown to Christmas!

Elves — 4 fun Christmas elf stories!

Reindeer – 14 reindeer stories.

Santa — 8 Santa stories.

Earth Day:

Earth Day–7 stories about how everyone can appreciate nature and help the planet.


Fall Books– 12 books to celebrate the fall season, plus fun activities.

Leaves — 7 stories about fall leaves!

Pumpkins –12 pumpkin books to enjoy in the fall.

Scarecrows –6 stories about scarecrows.

Tractors — 8 tractor books.

Father’s Day:

Father’s Day — 3 books to read with dad.


Frankenstein — 5 books featuring Dr. Frankenstein’s famous monster.

Monsters — 12 monster stories appropriate for preschoolers.

Ghosts – 6 not-scary ghost stories for preschoolers.

Skeletons — 8 skeleton stories to share.

Witches — 8 stories about not-scary witches to read with preschoolers.

Zombies — 7 zombie stories for kiddos who don’t want to be scared.


Hanukkah — 12 stories about Hanukkah.

Mother’s Day:

Moms — 10 books that celebrate the special bond between a mom and child.

Mothers Day —


Bunny books — 12 great stories about bunnies/rabbits/& hares.

Garden — 7 stories about gardens to read in the spring.

Spring — 12 lovely stories about springtime.

St. Patrick’s Day:

St. Patrick’s Day — 17 stories about leprechauns, St. Patrick’s Day, shamrocks, and lucky four-leaf clovers!

Rainbows — 5 stories about rainbows!

Talk Like A Pirate Day:

Pirates— 10 preschool pirate books.


Thanksgiving — 6 gratitude stories to share with your little one.

Turkeys — 9 turkey stories.

Valentine’s Day:

Hugs — 7 stories about hugs!

Love— 12 books about love to read with your little one.

Valentine’s Day— 14 stories to read for Valentine’s Day.


Snow Animals — 12 books about animals that live in snow.

Snowman— 8 books about snowmen.

Winter Stories — 15 books about the winter season.

Yetis— 6 books about these snow-loving creatures.


Funny Stories — 20 laugh-out-loud books to read with your child.

Silly Rhyming Books: 10 giggle inducing rhyming stories!

Interactive Stories: 12 great interactive books to keep your preschooler enteratined!

Mythical Creatures

Dragons — 10 fun dragon books to read together.

Mermaids –12 fintastic mermaid stories.

Unicorns— 15 awesome unicorn stories!

Yetis— 6 books about these snow-loving creatures.


Beach –7 beach books and activities.

Firefighters — 4 books about firefighters plus other fun activities.

Kindness — 4 books about kindness.


Aliens— 8 stories about aliens!

Rockets–9 awesome stories about rockets, spaceships, and UFOs!



Rockets –9 awesome stories about rockets, spaceships, and UFOs!

Tractors— 8 preschool level tractor stories.


Rain— 3 stories about rain, rainbows, and puddles.

Rainbows — 5 stories about rainbows!