A bird flew into our house today! Poor little thing thought it could escape through the window, but it got caught in our blinds. Thankfully my husband was able to free it and the bird flew back outside through our slider. It was quite an exciting start our morning!

In honor of our little visitor, here are some my family’s favorite bird books:

Birds by Kevin Henkes — this book is perfect for young bird lovers. The child in the story expresses the wonder and curiosity children have for our feathered friends. The picture perfectly capture the text and we love the bright, bold colors. Check this out from your local library, or buy it from Amazon here.

Kiwi Cannot Reach! by Jason Tharp — this story is laugh-out-loud funny and interactive. Kids will love helping Kiwi attempt to reach the rope that is hanging from the top of the page. The ending will result in lots of giggling and requests to read it again and again! We had checked this out from the library and my son loved it so much that I ended up buying it for him — it is still a favorite at bedtime! Check this out from your local library, or buy it from Amazon here.

Mel Fell

Mel Fell by Corey R. Tabor — this book is unique because you actually have to turn the book sideways to that the cover flips up because the bird is “falling.” But don’t worry because king fishers are diving birds, so everything turns out alright; plus then you get to turn the book so Mel can fly back up. The physicality of the book really makes it special. The concerned animal friends add humor to the story and we learned a lot of cool facts about kingfishers! Check this out from your local library, or buy it from Amazon here.

Bird Activities:

Check out this read-aloud of Are You My Mother? from Brightly Storytime.


This was fun and easy to make!

Supplies needed are 1 paper plate, crayons, feathers, googly eyes, tiny bit of orange or yellow construction paper to make a small beak, and glue.

-Color one side of your paper plate. My son’s favorite color right now is blue, so just about everything we make is blue, but feel free to be creative and color your bird any way you want.

-Fold the paper plate in half. The rounded side will be the bottom of the bird.

-Glue on feathers for wings and a tail.

-Add googly eyes and a beak and now you have a bird.


Any time we get to use our imaginations, is a lot of fun. My son and I thought of bird activities and had a blast pretending to be birds. Here’s what we came up with:

-Make bird sounds — Can you tweet like a little bird? Caw like a crow? Quack like a duck? Coo like pigeon? Squawk like a parrot? Cock-a-doodle-doo like a rooster?

-Soar your arms out like an eagle

-Flap your “wings” really fast like a hummingbird

-Hop like a little bird

-Peck like a chicken

-Can you stand on one leg like a flamingo?

-Waddle like a penguin

Can you think of any other bird activities? Let me know 🙂