When Covid hit and my son’s preschool closed, I found myself trying to teach preschool at home. Fortunately, he had been going to school for several months by this point and I had a preschool lesson plans template to follow. My biggest challenge was pooling resources from all across the internet. Fortunately, I was able to pull together a weekly preschool schedule for my 3 year-old that centered around learning one letter per week. I found that I loved doing preschool with him! Spending this time with my son and watching as he was excited about learning was an amazing experience. I was so excited about all of our activities that I blabbed to my friends all the time about what my son and I were doing, and soon my friends were asking me to email them our preschool stuff. I am compiling all of the preschool activities, crafts, books, worksheets, and STEM activities that we did to this page for all of you to use with your preschoolers. Before you begin, check out these tips and 5 Steps for Homeschool Preschool Success.

Looking for a free homeschool preschool curriculum? Then click below to check out my weekly Alphabet learning lesson plans, math skills ideas, STEM activities, and crafts.

Preschool alphabet lesson plans
Weekly Alphabet Schedule
Preschool math skills
Preschool Math Skills
Rhymes and Poems
Preschool STEM Activities
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Preschool Lesson Plans Help

I am indebted to all of the many wonderful parents and educators who shared their ideas and worksheets online! I would not have been able to develop my preschool lesson plans without their help. Some of the sites that I used the most are: for making your child’s NAME worksheets for math/counting worksheets for alphabet worksheets for craft ideas

-Super Simple Songs for fun songs to sing: