Preschool level worksheets for alphabet recognition and order, number recognition, counting, as well as cognitive development and fine motor skills.

preschool worksheets available
Letter Tracing


Alphabet — Work on tracing and writing letters, recognizing both the uppercase and lowercase version of letters, and alphabetical order. Worksheets available for all 26 letters of the alphabet.

Find the Differences — Spot differences between the 2 themed pictures.

Follow the Line — use your finger to trace the line from the object at the top of the page to object at the bottom of the page.

I Spy — Try these fun, themed “I Spy” pages for practicing counting.

Math — Practice counting, number recognition, numerical order, sizes, and measuring with the worksheets and activities.

Mazes — Help your little one further develop their cognitive thinking skills, as well as fine motor skills as they draw a line through the maze.

Science — engage your child in the wonders of the world with these science worksheets.