Science Worksheets

Incorporate some fun science worksheets into your preschool curriculum!


Lego Color Sorting: sort your Lego bricks by color. Put your Lego pieces on top of the matching colored pictures in this worksheet.

Which Color Is It? Cut out the pictures and paste them their correct column (4 pages). Includes red vs. green, orange vs. blue, yellow vs. purple, and black vs. gray.


Vegetable Find: color the pictures of vegetables. Circle your favorite veggie.

Yummy fruit: color the fruit. Then circle your favorite.


Is it Living or Non-Living? cut out the pictures below and then paste them either in the living column or the non-living column.


Plant Life Cycle: color the pictures of a plant’s life cycle, cut them out, and then glue them in correct order.

Parts of a Plant: cut out the labels and glue them on to name each part of the plant.

Nature Scavenger Hunt: let’s take a look outside and see if you can find all 12 things on the list.