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Take a look at my winter-themed preschool worksheets to incorporate some seasonal fun into your little one’s learning activities:

Snowflake Numbers
I Spy Winter
Lunar New Year Number Tracing

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12 Spring Stories for Preschoolers

Spring is so beautiful with all of the greenery and pretty flowers popping up everywhere! Here is a list of 10 spring stories that are perfect for preschoolers. For more spring books that preschoolers and kindergarteners will enjoy, check out my list of BUNNY BOOKS and GARDEN STORIES to share with your little learner! 12…

Bear Stories for Preschoolers

I’ve compiled a list of stories about bears. Filled with humor, bear facts, and great illustrations, these books are perfect for preschoolers My son made a cute fuzzy bear craft that ties in perfectly with these stories! Check out my list of POLAR BEAR books too! 10 Bear Stories: 1. Bear is Awake: an alphabet…

Ice Skating Stories

I recently took my son ice skating for the first time. Oh boy, was it hard! I was so impressed that he kept trying even though it was a struggle. In the end, neither one of us were very good at ice skating, but we had a lot of fun 🙂 Here are 8 ice…

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