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Take a look at my Fall-themed preschool worksheets to incorporate some seasonal fun into your little one’s learning activities:

Pumpkin Math
Leaf “I Spy”
Haunted Alphabet

Latest Posts:

Fall Leaves Stories

Fall is a magical time when the leaves on trees change colors and eventually fall off the branches. Looking at the beautiful colors and collecting leaves are lots of fun! Preschoolers love to explore and naturally curious about the world around. Read these stories about the changing of the leaves and learn why trees lose… Continue reading Fall Leaves Stories

Rocket Books

Preschoolers loves rockets, spaceships, and UFOs! Who isn’t fascinated about the possibility of blasting-off into space? Here are some of my son’s favorite rocket books. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do. My kiddo loved them so much that we ended up buying several of them. Check your public library for these… Continue reading Rocket Books

Alien Stories for Preschoolers

Aliens are a popular topic for preschoolers! It seems lots of their favorite shows and movie feature creatures from outer space. Here are 8 great alien stories to read with your preschooler so that they can further grow their imaginations! Aliens Stories: 1. Aliens Love Underpants by Claire Freedman and Ben Cort– Using silly, rhyming… Continue reading Alien Stories for Preschoolers

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