Skeleton Stories

Skeleton stories for preschoolers
Skeleton Stories

My son loves Halloween and “spooky” things in general . We read tons of monster/zombie/skeleton/ghost books all read round! Here is a list of 8 skeleton stories to enjoy with your kiddo for Halloween (and all year long):

Skeleton Stories

The Nightmare Before Christmas

1. The Nightmare Before Christmas by Tim Burton —

We are obsessed with Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas!!! We had to include our favorite skeleton, Jack Skellington, in this list 🙂 This book is based on Burton’s poem, but closely resembles an abbreviated version of the film. Jack lives in Halloweentown, where the inhabitants celebrate Halloween, but no other holidays. Growing bored with the same thing every year, Jack decides to take Santa’s place at Christmas and spread joy not only to Halloweentown, but to the whole world. Despite his good intentions, nothing goes right. However, through this series of trials and errors, Jack learns the true meaning of Christmas.

2.Spooky Hour by Tony Mitton —

In this rhyming counting book, preschoolers meet a number of spooky characters. Kids will love counting all of the monsters, wizards, and cats who make their way to the party. The story is filled with fun sounds that preschoolers will want to say, making it an interactive reading adventure.

Skeleton Hiccups

3. Skeleton Hiccups by Margery Cuyler–

This is a silly story about a skeleton who gets the hiccups. The skeleton tries all of the usual human remedies, but nothing works! Preschoolers will giggle at all of the humorous results of skeleton’s attempts to drive the hiccups away. Finally a ghost friend comes up with the perfect solution–scare the hiccups away! Ghost holds up a mirror and skeleton shrieks and the hiccups jump away 🙂

Dem Bones

4. Dem Bones by Bob Barner–

Get ready to sing-song your way through this book! This rhyming book, complete with awesome illustrations of a skeleton band, help teach kids about the bones in the body. There are excerpts on each page that provide more anatomical detail for older kids.

Skeleton Meets the Mummy

5. Skeleton Meets the Mummy by Steve Metzger —

This is cute, reassuring story about being afraid of the spooky creatures on Halloween night. A young skeleton named Sammy has to run an errand through the woods before he can go trick-or-treating. Uh-oh, something is following Sammy. Yikes, it’s a mummy! Turns out this scary mummy isn’t so scary after all; it’s just Sammy’s friend dressed up in a costume. Preschoolers will love the illustrations and want to read this one over-and-over again!

Bonaparte Falls Apart

6. Bonaparte Falls Apart by Margery Cuyler. —

This is a cute story about a young skeleton named Bonaparte who keeps losing his bones. He is literally falling apart and is nervous about starting school with his condition. His monster friends, including Franky Stein, try and help ease his fears by coming up with creative ways to keep Bonaparte’s bones together, but all of their attempts are unsuccessful. Finally the friends come up with a great idea — a service dog! The dog fetches Bonaparte’s bones and brings them back to him. This enables Bonaparte to participate in all of the fun activities his friends are doing at school.

Skeleton Cat

7. Skeleton Cat by Kristyn Crow–

Kristyn Crow writes great spooky books for preschoolers! In this rhyming, rocking book, Skeleton Cat comes back to the land of living after his bones are struck by lightning. He goes searching for the perfect band to accompany his drumming. Preschoolers will love the illustrations and the rock-n-roll fun of this book!

Bone Soup

8. Bone Soup by Cambria Evans–

In this Halloween-themed version of the folk tale, Stone Soup, a hungry skeleton named Finnigan arrives in a new town on Halloween night. Looking for some yummy food to share, Finnigan finds that none of the spooky inhabitants want to share with him. Finnigan declares that he is going to make bone soup from a magic bone that he has! The town’s inhabitants are intrigued by the skeleton’s declaration and they come to check out the soup. Little by little, they offer ingredients to the skeleton to add to the soup. Soon, there is pot of yummy soup with plenty to share with everyone.

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