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Leaf Stick Puppet 🍁🍂

Leaf Stick Puppet

Fall is here and with it, beautiful leaves! Let’s go on a leaf hunt and collect leaves. There are so many fun things to do with leaves: rubbings, wreaths, and making a leaf stick puppet!

My son really wanted to make leaf stick puppets so went in search of fall leaves. This became a fun nature activity as we also found 2 awesome rocks and 3 beautiful feathers in addition to a dozen different kind of leaves. A lot of our leaves were brittle and didn’t survive the walk home. However, those that did were lots of fun. We made leaf rubbings, trying crayons and colored pencils, and we made a leaf stick puppet.

Leaf Stick Puppet

Supplies needed:

-a leaf that is not very brittle

-2 googly eyes

-1 black marker

-1 craft stick

-glue dots or tape

Make Your Puppet:

The first thing we did was decide on a leaf to use. It needed to be sturdy enough to withstand drawing a mouth and being attached to a craft stick. We decided to use a dried magnolia leaf.

My son stuck on 2 googly eyes and drew a smile on his leaf with a black marker.

Then, we taped our leaf to the craft stick.

My kiddo had a great time taking his leaf puppet on an adventure through our house and our backyard. He was excited to show his leaf a lot of his toys and the refrigerator 🙂

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