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Owl Headband Craft

This owl headband craft is a perfect way to have some crafting fun together and get in the autumn spirit. I love how cute these headbands turn out! This fun activity is great for preschoolers, kindergarten, and early elementary aged children. The free craft template includes the adorable owl and two bands for making the headband.


Supplies Needed:

How To:

Print out the free owl headband template and color the owl. We colored the bands too!

Cut out all of your pieces.

Glue or tape the bands to the sides of the owl. If using glue, let your project dry. Then wrap the bands around your child’s head and then glue or tape the bands together at the back of your child’s head (forming a circle).

Now you have an adorable owl headband to wear! Check out my list of owl stories, Owl Spot the Differences worksheet, and take a look at this fun pompom owl craft that you can make together 🙂

Free Owl Headband Template:

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