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Harvest Graphing

Harvest Graphing

Add some autumn-themed math fun into your preschooler’s learning with this harvest graphing STEM activity! What is harvest graphing? Harvest graphing is recording how many times a picture shows up each time you the roll the di on the bar graph included in this set. The purpose of this activity is to introduce young learners to the concepts of probability, recording answers, and counting. Once you have completed your graph, count how many times you rolled each food.

What Do You Need?

Harvest Graphing STEM Activity:

Start by printing this free template. The harvest graphing template includes the di, colored tiles, and graphing chart. I used regular printer paper; however, if you use cardstock, then your di will be much sturdier.

Begin by cutting out the di. Once fully cut out, gently fold the tabs inward. Then begin to fold your squares into a cube shape. Add some glue to the tabs and glue them onto the underside of the squares as you form your cube. The very last tab is hard to glue and might require tape. Once your cube is formed, set it aside to dry.

Cut out all of the colored tiles. You will have 8 of each color–red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. Each color corresponds with one of the harvested foods. Here’s the color scheme: tomato=red, pumpkin=orange, corn=yellow, peas=green, grapes=blue, and eggplant=purple.

Let’s Graph!

Now it is time to begin harvest graphing. Ask you child to gently roll the di. Which food picture is on top? Is it a red tomato? Take a tile of the same color and set it on the graph above the corresponding-colored harvested food picture. Keep rolling the di and setting tiles in the correct columns until you reach the top of the column.

The best part is you can use this activity over and over again since there is no glue involved. Try this harvest graphing STEM activity again and see which fruit or vegetable makes it to the top this time!


STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and math. It is important to introduce these concepts to preschoolers in a fun way so that as they get older, they are excited about STEM subjects. What are preschoolers learning in this activity? Preschoolers are learning their colors (science)! They have to identify the color on the di, find the same color on the chart, and then correctly add the same color tile to the graph. Preschoolers are learning how to graph, an important math concept! Add some extra math into this activity by counting how many of each color tile is on your graph and how many tiles your have altogether. Preschoolers are also learning about engineering as they help build the di!

More STEM Activities

If your child enjoyed this graphing activity, I made a free blank di template so you can customize it with your own pictures. You can add computer images, stickers, or draw whatever you want on the dice and graph for your child to practice more graphing skills.

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