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Preschool Valentine Crafts

Love Bug Craft
Love Bug Craft

Not only is love in the air, but so is creativity! My son woke up and immediately began crafting. Before I was even properly caffeinated, he’d made this cute little love bug out of construction paper, heart stickers for wings, and pipe cleaners for antennae. It is so cute! He made it almost all by himself–he needed a little assistance with cutting the pipe cleaner. He used more heart stickers to hold the pipe cleaners onto the back of his paper. I love that he felt inspired to craft and came up with this cute little Love Bug idea! While he has enjoyed making Valentine crafts with me, he was really happy with how his own Valentine creation turned out.

Cupcake Wrapper Butterfly Craft

The other day, my son saw the cupcake wrappers and while he was holding one, said it looked like a butterfly wing. He then ran to the craft supplies box and took out a jumbo craft stick and his crayons. Using his favorite color, blue, he colored the craft stick to be the butterfly’s body. Then he added the cupcake wrapper wings with glue dots to the back of the craft stick. After a little help with cutting the pipe cleaner from me, he bent the pipe cleaner piece into a u-shape and attached it to the back of the craft stick with a glue dot too. It’s kind of hard to see, but he also drew a face on his butterfly! He asked me to put this on my website so other kids would see it and want to make one 🙂

More Preschool Valentine Crafts

preschool valentine crafts
  1. Heart Dog Craft: print off the template, color the hearts, and assemble them to form a dog.

2. Wooly Sheep: Say “I Wooly Love You” with this cute pom-pom sheep craft!

3. Valentine’s Day Wand: a super cute heart wand to sprinkle love all around.

4. Fingerprint Heart: make a heart shape design with your little one’s fingerprints and a paper heart stencil.

5. Lacing Heart: work on fine motor skills with this fun lacing heart craft.

6. Heart Hedgehog Craft: make an adorable little cardboard hedgehog with heart quills!

7. You Make Me Smile: a mosaic smiley face craft to give to someone special.

8. Bee Mine: make a cute little bee with heart wings for Valentine’s Day.

9. Beaded Heart Craft: make a beaded heart out of 2 pipe cleaners and pony beads.

10. Owl You Need is Love: create an adorable owl out of construction paper and cupcake wrappers!

I hope you enjoy making these preschool Valentine crafts as much as we did!

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Beaded Heart Craft

Beaded Heart Craft
Beaded Heart Craft

Wow, this beaded heart craft turned out awesome! And it is so easy too! All you need are 2 pipe cleaners and pony beads. This is one of the crafts that I want to keep forever and display all year. I think my son did such a fantastic job making this heart 🙂

Supplies Needed:

Beaded heart craft supplies: 2 pipe cleaners and pony beads
  • 2 pipe cleaners
  • lots of pony beads

How To:

Begin by twisting the 2 pipe cleaners together so that they form 1 long line. Gently bend your pipe cleaners into a heart shape, with the connected ends being at the top. Leave the bottom ends unattached so your kiddo can add beads.

Pick beads and being stringing them onto the pipe cleaners. We had a variety of beads -shiny, sparkly, metallic, heart shaped, and an odd large one with a heart on it. My son just picked whatever ones caught his attention without making any kind of pattern. Fill up one side of the heart with beads, but leave some of the pipe cleaner free at the end so it can be connected to the other piece.

String beads along the other pipe cleaner. I helped hold the pipe cleaner to that the beads didn’t spill off when my son switched sides.

When your child is finished stringing beads along the pipe cleaners, carefully twist the 2 bottom ends together to form your heart.

More Crafts!

Valentine’s Day Wand: a super cute heart wand to sprinkle love all around.

Fingerprint Heart: make a heart shape design with your little one’s fingerprints and a paper heart stencil.

Lacing Heart: work on fine motor skills with this fun lacing heart craft.

Heart Hedgehog Craft: make an adorable little cardboard hedgehog with heart quills!

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Owl You Need is Love Craft-

I adore owls and love making owl crafts with my kiddo. We had made a peel and stick owl craft (a kit from Oriental Trading) and it got me thinking about other Valentine’s Day owl crafts that we could make together. I am thrilled with how cute this “owl you need is love craft” turned out! Print out the owl template, add a cupcake wrapper, and let someone special know that they are loved this Valentine’s Day!

Owl You Need is Love
“Owl You Need is Love” Craft

Supplies Needed:

  • print the owl template
  • crayons
  • glue stick
  • scissors
  • cupcake wrapper
  • construction paper

How To:

Print the owl you need is love craft template — it is a free PDF. Color your cute little owl!

Next, cut out the pieces and glue them altogether to form an owl. You’ll notice that the beak and feet are hearts for some extra love in this craft! Glue your completed owl onto a piece of construction paper.

Take one cupcake wrapper and cut it in half to make the owl’s wings. Glue the wrappers onto your owl. We chose Valentine cupcake wrappers to use for our owls to add to the cuteness!

Add a message to your project and give it someone special! Happy Valentine’s Day!

More Owls:

Check out this Owl-themed I Spy Challenge:

Owl Find the Differences: can you find 5 differences between these 2 owl scenes?

Toilet Paper Roll Owl: we made these owls Christmassy, but you can just use different colors to make your owls for anytime of the year.

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Picture Books About Love

Picture books about love
Picture Books About Love

Whether it’s February or not, it is always a good time to read about love. Here are 12 picture books about love that are perfect for preschoolers! Check your library for these books and ask your librarian for other book recommendations.

12 Picture Books:

Love is My Favorite Thing

1. Love is My Favorite Thing by Emma Chichester Clark–

My family loves this book! The dog in this story reminds us so much of our own. Just like the doggy in this story, ours loves LOVE! Plum the dog loves her family so much, but she also loves playing with pillows until they are destroyed, splashing in the pond, and eating ice cream that doesn’t belong to her. Just like Plum, we all make mistakes sometimes, but the love from our family is unconditional.

Love is

2. Love Is by Diane Adams–

This book is short and sweet. Diane Adams uses the story of a little girl who is caring for a duckling as an analogy of the love a parent feels toward their child. The girl raises the duckling until it is big enough to join the other ducks in the big pond. Preschoolers will like the gentle illustrations and touching story.

All You Need is Love

3. All You Need is Love by John Lennon and Paul McCartney–

The Beatles’ song is now a picture book! Marc Rosenthal adds beautiful pictures to the words of the song, “All you need is love!” Though sparsely worded, preschoolers will see love in action across the pictures as a cute little blue bird leads the reader through the book. Check your library for this one!

Love, Z

4. Love, Z by Jessie Sima–

A young robot discovers a message in a bottle that is signed “Love, Beatrice.” The robot asks the older robots what love is. “Does not compute” they reply as they read the young robot its favorite bedtime story, tuck it in, turn on a nightlight, and give a goodnight kiss. The young robot sets on an adventure to find Beatrice and learn the meaning of love. Along its travels it finds other animals and people who try their best to explain what love means to them, but none of these explanations compute. Finally, the robot meets Beatrice. Beatrice says that love makes her feel safe and cozy and cared for. The young robot realizes that it knows that feeling! Now it has a name for it — love.

Guess How Much I Love You

5. Guess How Much I love You? by Sam McBratney–

This story is a children’s classic! Little Nutbrown Hare and the Big Nutbrown Hare take turns saying how much they love each other. Preschoolers will enjoy the hares’ analogies of the size of their love–as high as they can jump, to the tips of their toes, and to the moon and back! This is a lovely and reassuring bedtime story to read with your little love.

I Love Pete the Kitty

6. I Love Pete the Kitty by James Dean–

Pete the Kitty is so cute! My preschooler loves this young kitty and your kiddo will love this little guy. In this book, Pete names all of the things he loves. He loves his family, his friends, his guitar, ice cream, and playing. This is a great conversation starter for you and your little one to talk about all things that you love.

How Do Dinosaurs Say I Love You by Jane Yolen

7. How Do Dinosaurs Say I Love You by Jane Yolen–

Jane Yolen’s rhyming How do Dinosaurs series does a great job of breaking down concepts and demonstrating good behavior for preschoolers. Mark Teague’s illustrations are full of humor and the dinosaurs species are listed inside the book’s cover. In this dinosaur book, the families say I Love You in a variety of ways. Even when young dinos misbehave, their parents reassure them that they will always be loved. You’ll find that you and kiddo will be telling each other how you much you love them after reading this book together.

If My Love Were a Fire Truck

8. If My Love Were a Fire Truck: a daddy’s love song by Luke Reynolds —

I discovered this sweet story at my library and fell in love. This book is a beautiful representation of a dad’s love for his son. It reminds little one’s that their dads’ love is as powerful as a rocket ship flying into space, as big as a whale swimming in the ocean, and loud as lion’s roar. Kids will enjoy the illustrations filled with fire trucks, rockets, and race cars, and all sorts of animals. The text is short and melodic, making it a great choice for bedtime.

9. I’ll Love You Until the Cows Come Home by Kathryn Cristaldi–

This is a great story about the loving bond a family shares. Kids will enjoy the rhyming text and the silly animal antics. The cows go to the moon, the yaks take a Cadillac, the sheep set sail, and more silliness. The continuous refrain of “I will love you” will gently reassure preschoolers of their family’s love. A great choice for bedtime!

Zombie in Love

10. Zombie in Love by Kelly DiPucchio —

My son loves this book and its sequel, Zombie in Love 2 + 1. Mortimer, a zombie, is looking for love, but without any luck. DiPucchio’s story and Scott Campbell’s illustrations make this funny book a winner! Preschoolers will giggle at the kid-appropriate zombie grossness, such as of a limb falling off in another of Mortimer’s failed attempts at finding love. The reader will cheer for Mortimer through all of his dating attempts and be delighted when he finally meets the zombie of his dreams.

Love Monster

11. Love Monster by Rachel Bright —

Love Monster is this cute, hairy, kinda googly-eyed monster. He lives in Cutesville which is full of the cutest little animals. Love Monster finds that it is hard to fit in here, so he heads out to find a friend. Preschoolers will giggle as Love Monster searches high, low, and inside. Just when Love Monster thinks that there isn’t anyone out for him, a friend pulls up in the bus headed for Cutesville. It goes to show that friends and love find you unexpectedly. Preschoolers will love this sweet story and adorable illustrations!

Olaf Loves Everything

12. Olaf loves . . . Everything by Andrea Posner-Sanchez—

Olaf is full of love and we love him back! In this sweet Olaf story, our favorite snowman goes around the kingdom of Arendelle, pointing out everything he loves. He loves flowers, hugs, and his friends most of all.

blue heart

Check your local library for these picture books about love! If not, I have included links to purchase them on Amazon. To help cover the costs of this site, I joined Amazon’s Affiliate program. If you buy a book through one of my links, then I get a small percentage of the sale (at no additional cost to you). Thank you for your support! Happy Reading 🙂

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Heart Hedgehog Craft

Heart Hedgehog Craft
Heart Hedgehog Craft

Oh my goodness, this little heart hedgehog craft is so adorable! We bought lots of foam heart stickers at Target and we have been having so much decorating with them.

Supplies Needed:

  • cardboard
  • scissors
  • heart stickers
  • googly eye
  • pom-pom
  • glue
  • marker

How To:

hedgehog cut out of cardboard
Hedgehog cut out

First cut out a hedgehog shape from a piece of cardboard. We reused one of the Target boxes that had recently arrived. It doesn’t have to perfect, so don’t stress about the shape. Just make sure that it has a rounded back and a snout. Your heart stickers will cover most of the cardboard.

Sticker time! We put our heart stickers on in layers. For the first layer, we put stickers along the top, from tail to head. The tops of the hearts stuck up past the cardboard to make it look more like quills. For the second layer, we also started at the tail end and worked toward the face. The second layer overlapped with the first to cover all of the brown cardboard. We continued our layers until out hedgehog was covered in heart quills. It took us 5 layers, but yours will vary depending on the size of stickers you use and how big your hedgehog is.

For the hedgehog’s face, my son stuck on 1 googly eye. Then he glued on a blue pom-pom nose (we used the white glue, but a glue dot would work too). Last, he added a smile with a blue marker. All we had to do then was let the pom-pom dry.

I think this craft turned out so cute! My son and I loved making this hedgehog together 🙂 Check our Paper Plate Hedgehog Craft and our Fingerprint Heart Craft for more fun things that you and your little one can make together.

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“Bee Mine” Craft

"Bee Mine" Craft
“Bee Mine” Craft

Valentine’s Day crafts are so much fun! I love all of the puns 🙂 Make this “Bee Mine” craft with your preschooler and give it to someone special or make it part of your Valentine Day decorations!

Supplies Needed:

  • construction paper
  • scissors
  • glue stick
  • crayon or marker
  • white tissue paper

How To:

First pick a back a ground color for your project. Since my son wants to give it to his Grammy for Valentine’s Day, he picked pink paper. Next, cut out a medium sized oval and smaller circle from yellow paper to make your bee.

Glue your oval and circle onto the background paper. Now you have your bee’s body. Draw on the black stripes and the stinger. For the face, give your bee 2 large eyes, a sweet little smile, and draw on the antennae.

To really make this craft Valentine’s Day themed, cut out 2 heart shapes for wings. We used white tissue paper for our wings and my son loved how they looked on the bee! Since the tissue is delicate, we put the glue on the paper and then gently pressed our heart-shaped wings down on the glue. To finish the craft, my son wrote “Bee Mine” and he drew a heart on the top of his paper. Now the craft is finished and ready to give to someone special!

More Valentine Crafts:

My son and I have made a lot of Valentine’s Day crafts and we are sharing some of our favorites with you! We have cute animals, more puns, and lots of hearts for you to make.

Heart Dog Craft: print off the template, color the hearts, and assemble them to form a dog.

Wooly Sheep: Say “I Wooly Love You” with this cute pom-pom sheep craft!

Lacing Heart: work on fine motor skills with this fun lacing heart craft.

Heart Wand: make this super cute heart want and sprinkle love around!

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Valentine’s Day Heart Wand Craft

Valentine's Day Heart Wand Craft
Valentine’s Day Heart Wand Craft

Sprinkle love around with this cute Valentine’s Day heart wand craft! My son and I had a blast making these. We really liked mixing and matching our ribbons! This is a great craft to make with preschoolers and other young kids as it gives them a chance to add some whimsy and magic into their creative play!

Supplies Needed:

How To:

Print off the free PDF Valentine’s Day heart wand template. There are 2 hearts on the template so you can make one for the front and one for the back of the wand.

Color your hearts and cut them out. Glue them onto a piece of construction paper, leaving space between them. Next, cut out a circle around each of the hearts, creating a border of the construction paper.

Valentine's Day Heart Wand Craft

Tape one of your hearts to the dowel rod. Next tape or glue your ribbon to the back of the heart. We used a variety of ribbon that I had at home. My son and I each picked out favorites. As you can see we mixed and matched colors, widths, and textures. Be creative with your ribbon choices and cut them however long you like them.

Now that your ribbons are in place, it is time to put the other heart onto the wand. Using your glue stick, cover the back of the other heart in glue. Attach it onto the back side of the heart that is already taped to the dowel. Now your wand is ready for playtime!

decorative blue heart

 I’ve joined Amazon’s Affiliate program to try and help cover the costs of this site. So if you buy something through one of my links on Amazon, then I get a small percentage of the sale (no extra cost to you). Thank you for your support! Happy crafting!

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Hug Craft

paper hug craft
Paper Hug Craft

I LOVE this hug craft! It’s my son’s actual arms and handprints! I hung this in my office so I could always have a hug. This craft turned out so great, and it is pretty simple to make!

Supplies Needed:

  • 3 different colors of construction paper
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • glue

How To:

Pick 3 different colored pieces of construction paper. We ended up with primary colors, but any colors you pick will make a great hug.

I asked my son to lay his hands and arms across the blue paper and I traced their outlines. Then I cut them out. Next, I cut out a heart shape from the red paper. I wanted the heart to be large enough so that it could be seen under the hands, but not so big that it took up all of the space.

My son glued the heart to the middle of the yellow paper. Next he glued one hand on the heart, with the arm at a downward facing angle. Then glued the arm down. The blue arm paper is longer than the yellow paper, so fold it and glue it to the back of the yellow sheet. This makes it look like the arm is wrapping around, giving a hug.

He glued the second hand slightly on top of the first hand and glued down the arm portion. Like the first arm, he had to fold it and finish gluing it to the back of the yellow paper.

Once it’s dry, you have this awesome hug to take to work or mail to a family member.

Check out my Crafts Page for more things to make with your kiddo! Here is a list of HUG Stories to read with this craft.

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Valentine’s Day Books for Preschoolers-

Valentine's Day Books for Preschoolers

We make a big deal out of holidays at our house and Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays! It’s a day to show others how much they mean to you. Plus, there is chocolate! Since Valentine’s Day falls on February 14th, I have gathered up 14 of my family’s favorite Valentine’s Day books to read with your little loves!


Valentine's Day Books -- Little Blue Truck's Valentine

1. Little Blue Truck’s Valentine by Alice Schertle–

Little Blue Truck’s stories are always so sweet! In this story, Blue makes and delivers Valentine’s to all his friends. Each card is perfect for each animal friend, as the thoughtful little truck made each one special. In turn, Blue’s friends make a fantastic Valentine for their favorite little truck! Preschoolers will love the shiny hearts and the bright pictures in this rhyming story. Be prepared for little ones to want to make some Valentines after reading this one!

Valentine's Day Books -- Happy Valentine's Day, Mouse!

2. Happy Valentine’s Day, Mouse by Laura Numeroff–

Mouse from If You Give a Mouse a Cookie is back in this Valentine’s Day story! Mouse makes Valentines for all of his friends. He puts a lot of thought into each one, making sure that it represents what he loves most about each friend. I love that Mouse is highlighting the good in everyone!

Valentine's Day Books -- Pete the Cat; Valentine's Day is Cool

3. Pete the Cat: Valentine’s Day is Cool by James Dean–

Preschoolers love Pete the Cat! He’s a sing-songy, fun-loving cat who learns that Valentine’s Day is day to show your family and friends how much they mean to you! Pete and his friend Callie make cards for everyone (including the librarian!) and enjoy spreading love around. Callie invites Pete to a Valentine’s Day party at her house and he is excited to go until he realizes that he forgot to make a card for his best friend! Oh no! Not to worry, Callie is a true friend and tells Pete that cards aren’t what a makes a good friends, actions are. Pete has always shown that he is a good friend to Callie and that’s all she needs.

The Night Before Valentine's Day

4. The Night Before Valentine’s Day by Natasha Wing–

Natasha Wing does a great job writing holiday for preschoolers! Each book is written in rhyme and highlights the fun each holiday brings. In this Valentine’s book, this kids make cards to give their friends at school. They take their cards to school and find their classroom decorated for the holiday. The kids have a fun day getting their faces painted, handing out their cards, and enjoying yummy treats. Then when they think it can’t get any more fun, their principal dressed as Cupid appears in their class to add to all of the joy!

Valentine's Day Books -- Happy Valentine's Day, Curious George

5. Happy Valentine’s Day, Curious George by N. DiAngelo–

This is a fun lift-the-flap book that will keep preschoolers engaged in the story. George and his friend, the man in the yellow hat, invite a bunch of kids over to celebrate Valentine’s Day. We know what a curious monkey George is and how he always seems to get into trouble! But what trouble could he get into making Valentines?

The Littlest Valentine

6. The Littlest Valentine by Brandi Dougherty —

In this sweet story, young Emma wants to help her family, the Valentines, with their gift shop business. Not only is Valentine’s Day Emma’s favorite holiday, but it is a super busy one for her family. She tries blowing up heart shaped balloons to decorate the shop, making cards, and making chocolates, but finds that she is too little to help. It seems that no one needs her help around the shop, but then she discovers a lost puppy. Emma bathes the pup and ties a cute bow around its neck. Then she and grandma and grandpa make special Valentine dog biscuits. Emma and her new pup set up a stand to sell dog treats, and the treats are a hit! Even though she is little, Emma found that she can help too 🙂

Valentine's Day Books -- A Unicorn Named Sparkle and the Perfect Valentine

7. A Unicorn Named Sparkle and the Perfect Valentine by Amy Young–

We love Sparkle and Lucy stories! These books are the perfect mix of funny and sweet. In this story, Lucy makes Valentines for those she cares about, but tells Sparkle not worry because no expects a valentine from a unicorn. Sparkle wants to make Lucy a Valentine to show how much he loves her, but it’s kind of hard to do when you have hooves instead of hands! Sparkle is determined and finds a way to make a Valentine. He is so excited about his Valentine until he sees all of the ones the kids made. Sparkle learns that it isn’t what your Valentine looks like that counts, but how someone feels that really matters.

Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch

8. Somebody Loves You Mr. Hatch by Eileen Spinelli–

This book is a little on the long side, but it is a very sweet story. Mr. Hatch, a lonely and grumpy man, mistakenly gets a Valentine that was meant for someone else. Mr. Hatch thinks it is for him and his whole outlook changes when he believes that someone cares about him. He pays the love forward by helping others. When it is discovered that the Valentine was actually meant for someone else, Mr. Hatch gets really sad, thinking no one likes him. The town comes together to show Mr. Hatch that is loved! It just goes to show how a little kindness can really make someone feel great.

Valentine's Day Books -- Biscuit's Valentine's Day

9. Biscuit’s Valentine’s Day by Alyssa Satin Capucilli–

In this short story, a little girl and her puppy, Biscuit, are out delivering their homemade Valentines to friends and family. Human friends and dog friends are happy to get Valentines! When Biscuit and the little girl visit Grandparents, Biscuit just can’t resist the yummy treats. Oh Biscuit, what a silly puppy! Unfold the pages for fun surprises throughout the book 🙂

Clifford's First Valentine's Day

10. Clifford’s First Valentine’s Day by Norman Bridwell–

This puppy Clifford book is adorable. Clifford and Emily Elizabeth make Valentines together, with Clifford helping in his own special way. They take the Valentines to the post office to mail, but poor Clifford gets lost down the mail chute! Everyone begins sifting through the huge carts of letters for the lost pup. Suddenly the mail barks — it’s Clifford! Yay, he’s rescued! Emily Elizabeth is so happy to have her Valentine, Clifford, back safe.

Happy Valentine's Day, Little Critter

11. Happy Valentine’s Day, Little Critter by Mercer Mayer–

My son is huge Little Critter fan! I think little kids can relate to Little Critter who always tries his hardest, but still messes up sometimes. It’s all part of the learning process that kids go through, but it is great that they can see it mirrored in these stories. In this Valentine’s Day book, Little Critter’s class is celebrating Valentine’s Day. They decorate the classroom and make V alentines. It is the best day! Little Critter makes a special card for his special Valentine. Who could it be? It’s his mommy 🙂

Click Clack Moo, I Love You

12. Click Clack Moo, I Love You by Doreen Cronin–

Little Duck is excited for Valentine’s Day. She makes valentines for everyone, hangs decorations, and gets the barn ready for the Valentine’s Day party! All of the farm animals (except the cows, who were going to a ball) come to the party. Duck is the DJ and the barn is filled with music, dancing, food, and fun! A young fox hears the noise and follows the decorations to the barn. Curious about the party, the fox goes inside. Suddenly the music and dancing stop. Yikes, there’s a fox! Little Duck gives the fox her last valentine and the fox is excited to celebrate Valentine’s Day. The fun starts up again and everyone dances until the cows come home. Filled with sparkly pages, cute illustrations, and lots of animals sounds, this book with be a hit with preschoolers!

There was an old lady who swallowed a rose

13. There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Rose by Lucille Coladro–

The silly old lady is back in another holiday story. This time she is eating a rose, lace, glitter, candy, a jewel, hearts, and a Valentine’s Day card! Why did she swallow all of this stuff??? Well it brought her so much happiness that she smiled and blew a big kiss, and then everything flew out of her mouth. Happy Valentine’s Day from the Old Lady.

Minnie's Valentine

14. Minnie’s Valentine by Sheela Sweeney Higgson–

Preschoolers’ favorites Mickey and Minnie are here with a Valentine’s Day book! Mickey needs to come up with a Valentine’s gift for Minnie, but what should he get her? Mysterious Miss M. shows up at the Club House to help Mickey come up with the perfect gift! Help Mickey select the right tools from Toodles to make Minnie’s gift.

blue heart

I hope you enjoy these Valentine’s Day books! My son and I found them at our library. I hope your library also carries them; ask your librarian for suggestions for other Valentine’s Day books too. I joined Amazon’s Affiliate program to try and help cover the costs of this site. If you buy something through one of my links on Amazon, then sometimes I get a small percentage of the sale (no extra cost to you). Thank you for your support! Happy reading 🙂

Valentine’s Day Crafts:

Lacing Heart: lace some yarn around your heart craft and add some stickers to really customize this craft.

Heart Dog Craft: print off the template, color the hearts, and assemble them to form a dog.

Wooly Sheep: Say “I Wooly Love You” with this cute pom-pom sheep craft!

Fingerprint Heart Craft: make a heart shape design with your little one’s fingerprints and a paper heart stencil.

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Heart Dog Craft

This heart dog craft is so cute! It makes a great Valentine present or a sweet card to a dog-lover 🙂 My little one loved this craft and he was excited to show it to our dog.

Heart Dog Craft
Hear Dog Craft

Supplies Needed:

How To:

Print off the heart dog craft template. It is a free, downloadable PDF.

picture of heart dog craft

Decide what colors you want to use for your Valentine’s Day doggy and then color all of the pieces on the template. Use your creativity to add whiskers, a patch around one eye, or multi-colored ears. My son wanted to make his craft look like our dog 🙂

After all of the shapes have been colored, cut out the pieces. Rounded edges are hard for little ones, so an adult may need to do the cutting.

On a piece of construction paper, assemble the shapes to form a dog. Look at the sample on the craft template. The large heart is the face; the 2 medium hearts are the ears; 2 ovals are the eyes; and the small heart is the nose.

Glue all of your pieces onto the construction paper. Write a cute Valentine’s Day message: ” I RUFF You,” or “Puppy Love,” or “I HEART You.” Let your dog dry before showing off how cute it is!

Looking for More Crafts?

Check out my Crafts Page for more fun things to make with your kiddo! There are more animal crafts to make, Valentine’s Day crafts, and lots of fun 🙂