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Cute Sheep Valentine Craft

Cute Sheep Valentine Craft
Cute Sheep Valentine Craft

Wooly Be My Valentine? I hope you say “yes!” I love puns, so I couldn’t resist this cute sheep valentine craft. My son and I enjoyed making this together. He likes using pom-poms and having creative freedom to mix and match colors and sizes. Use the free template for your sheep and add your pom-poms to make your very own valentine. Who are you going to give your valentine to?

Supplies Needed:

  • pom-poms in assorted sizes and colors
  • white glue
  • sheep template (free PDF printable)
  • crayons

How To:

This craft is pretty straight forward and easy for preschoolers to do. Adults will need to help with the glue, but kids will love adding their pom-poms! Getting the different sizes to fit together is kind of like a puzzle and great for preschoolers’ spatial awareness development.

Begin by printing off the free sheep template.

Grab your crayons and color your sheep. My son left the body and the wooly part of the head white, but colored in the rest of his sheep. His favorite color is blue, so he made a blue sheep.

Pick several different sizes and colors of pom-poms. Using the white glue, glue the pom-poms onto the sheep’s body and wooly tuft on top of its head.

Let your cute sheep valentine craft dry before you give your valentine to someone special!

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