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Paper Plate Hedgehog Craft

Make a Paper Plate Hedgehog with your preschooler! This craft is simple, but pretty cute and kids love getting to use scissors. Since we color a lot, I decided to mix things up and get out the watercolors for my kiddo to decorate his hedgehog. The plate is thick, so watercolors worked great on it without causing any warping. I absolutely love hedgehogs and have quite a few decorating our house, so I was really excited to make a hedgehog craft with my little guy.

paper plate hedgehog craft
Paper Plate Hedgehog

Supplies Needed :

-1 white paper plate



-watercolor paints



Making the Hedgehog:

First I cut a paper plate in half and discarded one of the pieces.

Then I drew a basic hedgehog face shape with a sloping forehead and a long, pointy nose, and cut off the excess plate.

My son used his watercolor paints to turn his plate into a blue hedgehog.

The watercolor paints dry pretty quickly, so he didn’t have to wait long to makes cuts along the top of his plate and make hedgehog quills.

After he made all of the cuts, we gently pulled the quills apart to give them a spiky look.

He finished his craft off with some googly eyes.

My kiddo was so proud of this craft! I took pictures of him holding his project and texted them to his grandparents. He loved getting to use scissors and paints 🙂

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