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Heart Dog Craft

This heart dog craft is so cute! It makes a great Valentine present or a sweet card to a dog-lover 🙂 My little one loved this craft and he was excited to show it to our dog.

Heart Dog Craft
Hear Dog Craft

Supplies Needed:

How To:

Print off the heart dog craft template. It is a free, downloadable PDF.

picture of heart dog craft

Decide what colors you want to use for your Valentine’s Day doggy and then color all of the pieces on the template. Use your creativity to add whiskers, a patch around one eye, or multi-colored ears. My son wanted to make his craft look like our dog 🙂

After all of the shapes have been colored, cut out the pieces. Rounded edges are hard for little ones, so an adult may need to do the cutting.

On a piece of construction paper, assemble the shapes to form a dog. Look at the sample on the craft template. The large heart is the face; the 2 medium hearts are the ears; 2 ovals are the eyes; and the small heart is the nose.

Glue all of your pieces onto the construction paper. Write a cute Valentine’s Day message: ” I RUFF You,” or “Puppy Love,” or “I HEART You.” Let your dog dry before showing off how cute it is!

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