Dory and Nemo Stick Puppets

Dory and Nemo Stick Puppets

Dory and Nemo are so cute and fun. Preschoolers and grownups both love these two fish! I created free stick puppet templates of them for children to make. I love stick puppets because they are so easy for preschoolers to make and hold, and are lend themselves well to creative play. Print off my free Dory and Nemo stick puppets  craft template and make your own stick puppets and create lots of fun adventures for Dory and Nemo.

Supplies Needed:

  • template
  • crayons
  • scissors
  • glue or tape
  • craft stick (I used the jumbo sized craft, but the skinnier one should work just fine)

How To:

This Dory and Nemo stick puppet craft is pretty quick and easy. Print the template — it is a free, downloadable PDF. Color your fish and then cut them out following the dotted circle outlines. Next glue or tape a craft stick to the back of each picture. Once they are dry, let the puppet play begin!

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Frozen-Inspired Windsock:

Do you have a kid who loves the movie Frozen? Or if you are like me, then you are the Frozen fanatic in your household! I love this movie and my family is kind enough to indulge my obsession. Fortunately, my son thinks Olaf is hilarious, so my kiddo was happy to make this Frozen-inspired windsock craft with me!

Frozen-Inspired Windsock
Frozen-Inspired Windsock

Supplies Needed:

  • white cardstock (preferably), but regular printer paper will do
  • markers
  • glitter/glitter glue
  • sequins
  • glue stick
  • white glue (for adding glitter and sequins)
  • crepe paper in blues and/or violet — Amazon has a pastels multi-pack and a “mermaid” colored pack of crepe paper
  • ribbon
  • stapler (optional)
  • hole punch

How To:

Print the free snowflake template onto white cardstock. I have a laser printer and it didn’t want to print on cardstock so I had to print on regular printer paper.

Frozen-Inspired Windsock

Decorating time!!! Color the snowflakes with markers. We outlined some of our snowflakes and completely colored-in others, using skinny markers. Use your creativity to make your snowflakes Elsa worthy. Add glitter/glitter glue and sequins onto the snowflakes and around the background. Make your windsock super sparkly! My son and I love using glitter glue. Crayola Washable Glitter Glue Pens are my favorite because they are so easy to wipe up. Let your project dry after you’ve added all of your glitter and sequins.

Cut your crepe paper into 12-inch long strips. Make a total of 6 strips. Once your project is dry, turn it over and glue the crepe paper along the bottom of the windsock. We used a glue stick to attach the crepe paper.

Turn the windsock front-facing so that you are looking at the snowflakes. Gently fold the windsock so that the 2 vertical edges touch each. Glue the 2 sides together so that it forms a tube. You can also stapled them together to add more support if you are using cardstock . Now your project should look like a windsock!

Cut your ribbon; ours is about 2 feet long. Punch a hole on both sides of the windsock — make the holes towards the top of the windsock. Tie your ribbon to both holes so that you can hang your windsock. We hung ours by a window so that it can blow when we get a breeze. We think Elsa would be proud of our Frozen-inspired windsock 🙂

Frozen-inspired windsock craft

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Mickey Mouse Pumpkin Craft

Mickey Mouse Pumpkin Craft

For everyone with a Mickey Mouse-obsessed child, here is a Halloween craft for you! Make this tissue paper Mickey Mouse pumpkin craft with your little one and celebrate the holiday Disney style 🙂 My son loves Mickey and Halloween, so this craft was perfect for him! It is easy to make and doesn’t need many supplies.

Supplies Needed:

  • 1 paper plate
  • Orange tissue paper cut into squares
  • Black construciton paper
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
  • Pencil

How to Make the Mickey Mouse Pumpkin Craft:

First glue orange tissue squares all over the paper plate. We found it easiest to slather the plate in glue and then add on the tissue. For tissue that hung over the side, we just folded it over and glued the extra to the back.

Next, draw eyes, mouth, and ears on the construction paper. (I used a container lid to trace the circles for the ears.)

If your preschooler wants to practice their scissors skills, then they can cut out the shapes, otherwise the grown-up can cut them out.

Glue eyes and mouth on top of the tissue paper. We found it easier to apply the glue stick to the back of the black paper, rather than on top of the tissue paper. When we tried to add glue on top of the tissue, the tissue moved a wrinkled a bit.

Glue ears to the back of the plate. My son and I each pressed an ear against the back the plate for 30 seconds to let the glue set in.

More. . .

I hope you enjoyed this Mickey Moues pumpkin craft! Mickey is always a hit with my kiddo:) We paired this craft with reading one of his favorite Halloween board books, Haunted Clubhouse, featuring Mickey and friends at a Clubhouse Halloween Party! This book is pretty cute, but short. It has pictures of your little one’s favorite Clubhouse friends and fun, see-through cutouts in the pages that keeps children enthralled with this book.

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