Stick Puppets

Stick puppets are quick and easy crafts! Use any picture you want, glue a craft stick to the back, and ta-da, now you have a puppet! These little puppets lend themselves well to imaginative play and story props 🙂

Puppet Ideas and Templates:

The Hare and the Tortoise stick puppets
The Hare and the Tortoise stick puppets

Aesop’s Fables: reenact the famous fable The Hare and the Tortoise with stick puppets! Check out our stick puppet video.

Elephant Puppet: make a sweet little elephant puppet to go along with your favorite elephant story.

Leaf Stick Puppet: a simple, nature inspired craft. Go on a a leaf hunt and bring home your favorites to turn into stick puppets!

Handprint Ghost Stick Puppet: I love handprint crafts and Halloween, so this is one of my favorite crafts! My son turned his adorable little handprint into a ghost stick puppet and “flies” it around the house, saying boo!

Snowman Puppet: print this free PDF template and make your own cute snowman stick puppet!

Weather Stick Puppets: color and cut out the weather pictures and glue them onto craft sticks to make your own puppets. Use them as story props and make stories about the weather!