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Handprint Ghost Stick Puppet Craft

Make this adorable ghost stick puppet craft with your preschooler’s cute little handprint!

handprint ghost stick puppet craft
Ghost Stick Puppet Craft

Supplies Needed:

-black construction paper

-washable white paint

-craft stick

-black sharpie


-white school glue / or glue dot

How to Make:

First, paint your child’s hand white. I like to use Crayola Washable Paints. They are easy to wash off which is fantastic since we somehow seem to get paint everywhere.

Second, stamp your child’s hand onto black paper. Tip: have baby wipes or a wet paper towel nearby to quickly wipe the paint of your kid’s hand.

Third, cut out hand print. I cut an oval around my son’s handprint. Let the paint dry.

Fourth, draw a face with your sharpie. It’s easier to draw the face before you attach it to the craft stick. My son wanted a happy ghost, so his has smile 🙂

Fifth, attach the ghost handprint to a craft stick. I used glue dots because they do a great job at instantly attaching craft pieces together without having to wait for anything to dry. If you aren’t familiar with glue dots, think of them as super sticky, clear round stickers. They are easy to use and don’t leave any mess! These are my go to for gluing/attaching crafts together. If you don’t have glue dots, then use white school glue.

Now your cute little ghost stick puppet craft is ready! Booooooooooooo! What adventures will your stick puppet go on?

More Ghost Fun:

Check out my Ghost book recommendations. These stories are all preschooler-approved and should be available at your local library!

Ghost Dot Paint Craft

Want to make another ghost craft? Try this cotton-swab dot ghost painting craft. Not only is it cute, but it helps preschoolers work on their fine motor skills too!

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