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Preschool Ghost Craft

Preschool ghost craft made with cotton swabs and paint.
Preschool Ghost craft

How cute are these dot-painted ghosts?!? And they are so easy to make too! My son and I loved making this preschool ghost craft together. He really liked making the paint dots, and it was also a great fine motor skills activity for him.

Supplies Needed:

I love crafts that don’t require me to run out to the store! We made this craft with stuff we had home:

-cotton swabs (1 per paint color)

-washable paint



-paint pallet or paper plate

How To:

This preschool ghost craft doesn’t take very long to make depending on how many ghosts you draw. We decided to make 2 ghosts for our first attempt at this craft.

To begin, my son picked out the paint colors he wanted to use. He chose purple, yellow, and orange. We poured a little bit of each color onto a paper plate.

I drew 2 ghost shapes with a black maker for my son to paint.

He dipped a cotton swab into one of the paint colors and made paint dots along the ghost outlines. He chose to alternate between 2 paint colors for each ghost, using a different cotton swab for each color. I’m impressed with his pattern making skills at age three!

When he was done with his dots, we let his project dry before making faces. My son wanted the ghosts to look like they were saying, “Boo,” so we made open mouths on our ghosts.

We loved how our dot-painted ghosts turned out! This preschool ghost craft was a simple activity, but using cotton swabs instead of a paintbrush, made this extra fun.

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