Secret Snowflake Painting-

Secret Snowflake Painting
Secret Snowflake Painting

Channel the magic of winter with this secret snowflake painting activity. Make this fun winter snowflake craft together and watch as your child is surprised when the secret hidden snowflakes are revealed by the watercolor paints. This is a quick and easy, joint parent-child craft, but it turns out pretty cool. The kids have no idea that snowflakes are going to appear!

Supplies Needed:

  • white crayon
  • white paper (I used cardstock)
  • watercolor paints
  • paint brush
  • water cup

How To Make a Secret Snowflake Painting:

Grownup — First, draw snowflakes onto the paper using the white crayon. I know it’s hard to see what you’ve drawn. Try angling the paper toward the light so you can see a slight shimmer reflect on the crayon. Draw snowflakes, snow dots, and spirals all over your paper.

After you have drawn your “secret” snowflakes on the paper, ask your child to paint the paper with watercolors. I told my son we were making a winter picture and suggested that he use blue and purple. He was amazed to see the secret snowflakes appear on the paper as he painted!

Ta-da, now you have your own super cool, secret snowflakes! Let your project dry before showing it off too much. Fortunately watercolors dry pretty quickly 🙂

sparkly craft stick snowflake
sparkly craft stick snowflake

Pair this craft with Ezra Jack Keats’ book, The Snowy Day. The book is full of beautiful snowflake illustrations! It might just inspire your child to make more snowflake paintings or make a sparkly craft stick snowflake!