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Decoupage Santa Hat Craft

Decoupage Santa hat craft
Decoupage Santa Hat Craft

December is here and I am so excited to make Christmas crafts! My son and I each made a cute decoupage Santa hat craft together 🙂 We had previously made a decoupage Star of David for Hanukah, and had a lot of fun so we decided to decoupage again!

Supplies Needed:

-white glue

-red tissue paper

-3 craft sticks

-small cup

-paint brush


-cotton balls or other decorations

-paper plate (to protect your surface)

How To:

First glue the craft sticks into a triangle shape. Let them dry.

In the small cup, mix a little bit of water with some white glue. Stir until it looks milky.

If your tissue paper is not already in small pieces, cut your tissue into 1-inch squares.

To protect your surface, make this craft on a paper plate. The red color will run once you start to paint the glue/water mixture onto the tissue!!!

Paint the glue/water mixture along the craft sticks. Lay your tissue onto the craft sticks. Begin to layer your tissue paper across the triangle, filling in the entire triangle. As you add a piece of tissue, paint your tissue with the glue/water mixture. It’s okay for the whole piece to be wet. It will dry. Don’t worry if your tissue paper hangs over the sides of the triangle because we will fold it over later. Once your entire triangle is covered in red tissue paper, brush some of the glue/water mixture along the tissue paper’s edges and corners.

Let your triangle dry.

Once your tissue is dry, flip your triangle over. Paint the glue/water mixture along the craft sticks. If any of your tissue paper from the front is sticking out, now is the time to fold it along the craft sticks before layering on more tissue paper. Now repeat the process of layering on tissue and brushing the glue along the edges and corners as you did previously.

Let your project dry completely before adding any decorations.

Once your Santa is dry, you get to add fun decorations. My son used 4 cotton balls to decorate his hat. He glued one to the top of the triangle and 3 cotton balls along the bottom of the triangle. His looked like a traditional Santa hat 🙂 I used a sparkly pompom and some silver sequins to decorate mine.

ORNAMENT: I think you could turn this into an ornament by taping a loop of red and white baker’s string along the back of your decoupage Santa hat craft.

Read Santa Stories to go along with your craft: check you library for my book recommendations.

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