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Mosaic Gingerbread Man Craft

Mosaic Gingerbread Man Craft

Make this adorable mosaic gingerbread man craft out of pieces of construction paper! Great for fine motor skills, shape recognition, and spatial awareness too.

Supplies Needed:

  • brown, orange, black, and red construction paper
  • scissors
  • glue stick
  • gingerbread man template (Free printable PDF)

How To:

Print out your gingerbread man template (Free printable PDF) or draw your own gingerbread man.

Cut the brown and orange construction paper into a variety of shapes. Make some of them rounded for the arms, legs, and head. I have a sandwich bag full of extra scraps of paper that I keep for mosaic crafts, so my son just pulled out the pieces he wanted. Having lots of different shapes and sizes to choose from helped him get the look he wanted without having to use pieces that didn’t fit well. So if you are cutting them specifically for this project, cut some extras so that there are lots of choices for your kiddo.

Glue your orange and brown construction paper all over your gingerbread man. My son wanted to use mostly brown with a little bit of orange paper. Gingerbread is usually an orange-brown color so he tried to replicate that for his craft.

We cut out 2 small circles from black construction paper for the eyes and 3 small red circles for the mouth. Glue them onto the gingerbread man’s face. I think buttons would be adorable for the eyes and mouth, but I could only find green buttons at my house so we used construction paper instead. My son says googly eyes are also a good choice 🙂

Let your project dry before showing off your cute mosaic gingerbread man craft!

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