Paper Plate Peppermint Craft

paper plate peppermint craft

This paper plate peppermint craft is fun and easy to make. Plus, you get to use your child’s handprints as the candy’s wrapper! I am a sucker for handprint crafts and I am always looking for ways for my child to personalize the crafts we make together πŸ™‚

Supplies Needed:

-paper plate

-red, washable paint (I like to use Crayola Washable Paints)


-white paper



-glue (we used a glue stick, but white school glue is okay too)

How To:

First thing I did was show my son what a peppermint is, because he apparently had no idea that’s what those little mint candies were called! Once he got the image in his mind, his creativity took over. He came up with all sorts of ways to make the candies. We ended up making 2 paper plate peppermint crafts: one with paint and one with a color pencil spiral.

Using red paint, he painted a spiral around his plate. He started in the middle and worked his way around to the outside. It was a little difficult to paint on the ribbed part of the plate. My son had to go back and touch it up a little bit so that it looked more like a solid red line. Then we let the plate dry.

While the plate is drawing, I traced my son’s hands on white paper. Then I cut out the handprints.

My son glued his handprints onto either side of the paper plate. Using a glue stick, rub some glue onto the underside of the plate and onto the handprints to make sure that they really stick onto the plate.

Let your project dry completely before showing off your cute paper plate peppermint craft πŸ™‚

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