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Christmas Cookie Cutter Coloring–

Christmas cookie cutter coloring

Baking and decorating Christmas cookies are one of my favorite holiday traditions! My son loves our cookie cutters and according to him, we just don’t use them enough. Since my waist line can’t handle too many Christmas cookies, I found another way for my kiddo to use cookie cutters: a Christmas cookie cutter coloring craft! He loved this idea 🙂 He is really into coloring at the moment and of course, Christmas, so this was the perfect idea for him.

Supplies Needed:

-drawing paper

-Christmas cookie cutters


-crayons/color pencils

How To:

Pick out your cookie cutters that you want to use as stencils.

Firmly hold the cookie cutter on the paper (you might have to help your kiddo) and trace around the shape with your pencil.

Once you have all of your Christmas cookie cutters traced, color in your shapes. My son got creative and added ornaments and a star to his Christmas tree and a face and buttons to his gingerbread man 🙂

My son’s Christmas cookie cutter coloring craft turned out super cute and he had a lot of fun doing it! Plus, it helped satisfy his desire to use the cookie cutters. After he colored all of his cookie cutter shapes, he told us a story about them and even pretended to bake them! We love his imagination and proudly have his artwork displayed in our home.

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