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Turkey Paper Bag Puppet

turkey paper bag puppet
Turkey Paper Bag Puppet

Paper bag puppets are one of my favorite go-to crafts! They are easy to make with supplies we already we have at home and my son always has fun playing with them. He ran around the house making his turkey paper bag puppet gobble at everything!

Supplies Needed:

-paper lunch bag

-construction paper in red, orange, yellow, and brown

-googly eyes (my son really likes these colored eyes)


-white school glue

How to:

First thing to do is to cut out tail feathers. I cut out 2 of each color: red, orange, yellow, and brown

My son decided what color pattern order he wanted for his feathers. Then he glued the feathers onto the back of the backside of the bag. (The FRONT has the flap). We used white school glue to attach our paper feathers.

Next, flip your bag over to work on the turkey’s face. I cut out a yellow square, which I folded diagonally to make a beak. Then I cut out a red snood (kind of a squiggly shape).

My kiddo glued on the beak and snood. Then he attached his googly eyes and his turkey paper bag puppet was complete!

More Turkey Fun!

We read Animals on the Farm: Turkeys by Kari Schuetz and learned all about turkeys. This book has awesome pictures and was written at an easy to understand level. My son was so intrigued by how weird turkeys’ heads look! One of the cool things about this book is that it teaches the names for a turkey’s body parts, like a wattle and a snood. We found this book at our library. See if your library has a copy!

Check out my FALL post for more book recommendations and fall-themed crafts that you and your preschooler can enjoy together 🙂 My son and I also made a Scarecrow Paper Bag Puppet. We think it turned out pretty cute!