Toilet Paper Roll Turkey Craft

Toilet Paper Roll Turkey Craft
Toilet Paper Roll Turkey Craft

This toilet paper roll turkey craft makes a cute table decoration!

Supplies Needed:

-empty toilet paper roll

-paper plate


-white, school glue

-stapler (optional, but highly recommended)

-orange paper

-googly eyes


-red marker

How To:

Cut your paper plate in half. Discard one of the pieces.

Turn your plate backward so that the plate arches away from you. Staple the plate onto the toilet paper roll, making sure that the bottom of the the plate is even with the bottom of the toilet paper roll. If you don’t have a stapler, you can glue the plate to the toilet paper roll.

Now you get to decorate your turkey! Add glue all over the paper plate and then attach the feathers. My son used an assortment of colors and sizes. I loved the way the feathers stuck out past the edges of the paper plate.

For the turkey’s face, we used peel-and-stick googly eyes. I cut a diamond shape out of orange paper. My son folded the diamond in half to make the beak and then he glued it onto the toilet paper roll. He used a red marker to draw the turkey’s snood.

We let his project dry before placing in on our dinning table. My son is excited to give it to his grandparents when we go visit them on Thanksgiving!

If you are looking for another turkey craft to make, try our Turkey Paper Bag Puppet. I love crafts that my son can make with supplies we already have at home. All you need for this one is a paper lunch bag and construction paper.


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