Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

toilet paper roll crafts

Put those empty toilet paper rolls to good use and let your little one make cute animal crafts and noise makers out of them.

Craft Ideas You Can Make:



Bee Craft: your preschooler will love making this cute bee craft out of an empty toilet paper roll!

Frog: make a cute, little garden friend out of an empty toilet paper roll, paint, and some construction paper.

Octopus: Paint and cut a toilet paper roll to make an octopus.

Owl: make an adorable owl out of a toilet paper roll and construction paper.

Parrot: turn your empty toilet paper roll into a parrot by adding construction paper and feathers.


Turkey: gobble, gobble, gobble with this adorable turkey craft. Feathers, a paper plate, a toilet paper roll, and your imagination come together to make this fun craft.

Unicorn: make an awesome unicorn from an empty toilet paper roll, construction paper, and yarn!


Independence Day Shakers: shake, shake, shake! These pinto bean shakers are tons of fun to make and shake. Make these noise makers for any occasion by choosing a different paint colors.

Snowman: make a cute little snowman decoration about of an empty toilet paper roll.