Toilet Paper Roll Octopus Craft

toilet paper roll octopus craft
Toilet Paper Roll Octopus Craft

One of my son’s favorite books is Inky’s Amazing Escape by Sy Montgomery! It is a true story about an octopus named Inky, who escapes from an aquarium in Australia and makes its way back to the ocean. My son loves Inky’s story so much, that we decided to make a toilet paper roll octopus craft.


-empty toilet paper roll

washable paint


-kid safety scissors

-googly eyes


How To:

-First we painted the toilet paper roll red. (use whatever color you want). And then we let it dry. I like to use Crayola Washable Paints because they are easy to clean up and my kiddo seems to get paint on everything!

-After the toilet paper roll dried, my son made cuts in the bottom of the toilet paper roll to make 8 legs. Then he gently pulled each leg up so that the legs splayed out and his octopus could stand.

-To finish his craft, he attached the googly eyes and drew a mouth. I love the happy smile he drew on his octopus. Finally our cute little octopus was ready to explore our house!

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