Toilet Paper Roll Bee Craft

Toilet Paper Roll Bee Craft
Toilet Paper Roll Bee Craft

This little toilet paper roll bee craft turned out so cute 🙂 My son loved making this craft! One of his favorite things to do is to use scissors, so he was excited to cut out the bee’s stripes and the antennae.

Toilet Paper Roll Bee Craft:

Supplies need are an empty toilet paper roll, marker, yellow paper, black paper, white tissue paper, pencil, scissors, glue stick, and stapler.

  1. Measure the yellow paper so that it completely covers your toilet paper roll and then cut it out.
  2. I stapled the yellow paper to the toilet paper roll, but you can glue it if you prefer.
  3. I drew lines on black paper and my son cut out the stripes for his bee. He also cut out the 2 antennae from the black paper.
  4. He glued the stripes and the antennae onto his bee with a glue stick.
  5. My son drew on a cute happy face for his bee 🙂
  6. I cut out a rectangle from tissue paper. We scrunched it in the middle and glued it to the back of our bee. Then I trimmed the edges of the wings to make them rounded.

Extend Your Bee Fun:

Sing along with the Laurie Berkner Band to Bumblebee (Buzz Buzz). See it on YouTube. You can’t help but be up and buzzing around for this one 🙂 We love the Laurie Berkner Band and there is a very real possibility that if someone was to drop by unexpectedly, they’d find us dancing around the kitchen to their songs!