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Mosaic Egg Craft

Mosaic Egg Craft

Whether you want this to be cheerful spring egg or an Easter egg, this mosaic egg craft will be a hit with your preschooler. Use this project to help with color identification as you say the name of each color as your glue it on. You can also count how many sides the shapes have too.

Supplies Needed:

  • multiple colors of construction paper*
  • glue stick
  • scissors

*I have a sandwich bag filled with scraps of construction paper that we use for making mosaic crafts. So if you don’t already have small pieces of paper ready to go, cut some out in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors.

How To:

First: Cut your egg shape— pick a color for your egg. We made ours out of white construction paper. The egg shape was large and took up most of the paper.

Second: Making the Mosaic — My son covered his egg in glue from his glue stick, a portion at a time, and added the mosaic paper pieces. He picked a variety of colored mosaic pieces. He had to really work on spatial awareness as he determined which pieces would fit next to each other. In a few instances, I helped trim some pieces for a better fit.

Third: Complete the Project — Once he was happy with the mosaic look of his egg, I flipped the egg over and cut off all of the edges that stuck off the sides of egg. This gave our egg a more rounded look to it.

Now you have an awesome mosaic egg! I think these mosaic eggs are cute decorations for spring and I want my son to make a whole bunch for me. Maybe he could even do one color per egg and I can have a rainbow of eggs 🙂

More Mosaics

If your preschooler enjoyed this mosaic craft and is looking to make more, check out my mosaic butterfly craft! It uses little scraps of paper just like this mosaic egg craft.

My son also made a smiley face out of yellow pieces of paper and a mosaic gingerbread man craft too! Mosaic crafts are a lot of fun and I love how different each one turns out!

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