Mosaic Butterfly Craft

Mosaic Butterfly Craft
Mosaic Butterfly Craft

This mosaic butterfly craft turned out awesome! I love the way my son assembled the pieces and the colors he chose 🙂 It turned out so bright and cheerful!

In addition to being a fun project, this is a great craft for spatial awareness, learning shapes, and fine motor skills. Say the names of the shapes as you glue them onto your butterfly and count their sides (a great way to sneak math into your craft). Talk about sizes: large, medium, and small pieces of paper. Which size fits the best in your space?

Supplies needed:

-multiple colors of construction paper*

-glue stick

-white school glue


-1 pipe cleaner


*I have a sandwich bag filled with scraps of construction paper that we use for making mosaic crafts. So if you don’t already have small pieces of paper ready to go, cut some out in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors.

How To:

First: Creating the Butterfly — pick a color for your butterfly and the paper for the background. My son is obsessed with the color blue, so he chose blue a light paper. I folded the paper in half and drew a basic butterfly shape and then I cut it out.

Second: Making the Mosaic — My son glued the butterfly to the orange background. Next, he covered his butterfly in glue from his glue stick and added the mosaic paper pieces.

Third: Complete the Project — Once he was happy with the mosaic look of his butterfly, my kiddo picked a pipe cleaner to make the butterfly’s antennae. He folded it in half and used white school glue to attach it to the orange paper.

Ta-da, now you have an awesome mosaic butterfly! I think these would make great cards to send to family and friends and wish them a happy spring.

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