Snowman Stick Puppet Craft

snowman stick puppet craft

One of my favorite things about winter are snowmen! I love making real snowmen, putting up snowman decorations, reading snowman books, and making snowmen crafts 🙂 I created this simple snowman stick puppet for son and the kiddos at the library to enjoy.

Supplies Needed:

How To:

snowman stick puppet sample

Print the free Snowman Stick Puppet Template. Regular printer paper works just fine, but you can also use cardstock for a sturdier puppet.

This is a pretty quick and easy project to make. Color all of your snowman pieces. I think color pencils work best for this craft, but lots of kids used crayons and their snowman puppets turned out great! One kid added a snowflake sticker to the snowman’s body; another used glitter glue to make the scarf sparkle.

Cut out the pieces and arrange them into a snowman shape. My son needed help cutting out the scarf and the hat, but did great with the circles.

Glue your snowman pieces together so that they are all attached. Then glue a craft stick to the back of your snowman.

Ta-da, you have a cute snowman puppet! Let your puppet dry before playing with it. Fortunately glue sticks dry pretty quickly.

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Sparkly Craft Stick Snowflake

I am in love with this sparkly craft stick snowflake craft! It turned out great and it was easy to make. My son is currently obsessed with the color blue, so he was happy to make a “blue” craft. We used an assortment of leftover sequins, stickers, and pieces of confetti, as well as pom-poms, to make the snowflake sparkly and fun. If you don’t have anything to glue on, add some glitter to make your snowflake sparkly.

sparkly craft stick snowflake
sparkly craft stick snowflake.

Supplies Needed:

How To:

Color 4 craft sticks. My son colored his dark blue, but I think light blue, pink, or violet snowflakes would be lovely!

Glue 2 craft sticks together to form an X. Glue the other 2 craft sticks together to form another X. Let them dry.

Glue the two Xs together to form your snowflake. Let your snowflake dry.

Now you get to decorate!!! We picked sparkly and metallic decorations for my son’s snowflake. I had some sequins and leftover snowflake confetti that my son glued on. He also picked out different sizes and colored sparkly pom-poms for his snowflake.

My son’s snowflake turned out so awesome. I love it! He did a great job. I can’t wait to make more 🙂 Check out my Winter Crafts page for more fun craft ideas.

image of 3 snowflakes

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Christmas Fireplace Craft

Christmas fireplace craft
Christmas Fireplace Craft

Preschoolers can make this cute little Christmas Fireplace Craft for their toys to gather around!

Supplies Needed:

  • black construction paper
  • 4 craft sticks
  • orange tissue paper
  • twigs (can substitute with brown paper or cardboard)
  • scissors
  • glue
  • paper stockings (free PDF printable)
  • crayons

How To:

Begin by arranging the craft sticks on the black construction paper, with a stick along each side of the fireplace. Measure around the craft sticks and cut the black paper to fit behind the sticks. Glue the craft sticks onto the paper.

To create the “fire,” glue on small pieces of twigs and add crumpled orange tissue to make the flames. Our local park has wood chips, so we grabbed a couple little pieces for our craft. You can cut “logs” out of cardboard or brown paper if you can’t find any twigs or woodchips.

Print off the stocking pictures (free PDF printable). Color the stockings with crayons. Be creative — use your favorite colors; add designs. Once you have decorated the stockings, an adult can cut them out. Glue the stockings onto the top of the fireplace. Let your project dry.

Once dry, your toys can warm up around your cozy Christmas fireplace! What do your toys want for Christmas?

Christmas Stockings Poem

Read this Five Little Stockings poem with your kiddo to add to the stocking-themed fun! This poem can be done as a finger rhyme, with each finger being a different stocking 🙂 Wag a finger as you read this poem together.

Five Little Stockings poem
“Five Little Stockings”

Poetry is not only fun to recite (preschoolers love rhymes), but the rhythm and sounds are important early literacy tools. Read this post from Scholastic Parents to learn more about the importance of poetry for children.


Star of David Craft

Star of David Craft

Make a beautiful decoupage Star of David craft for Hanukkah.

Supplies Needed:

  • 6 craft sticks
  • glue dots (optional)
  • white glue
  • assorted colored tissue paper
  • paintbrush
  • water
  • small container/cup
  • paper plate
  • ribbon (optional if you want to hang it)

How To:

Making the Star of David — Glue the craft sticks together to form 2 separate triangles. If you have glue dots, use them to stick the craft sticks together to speed up the process. Let your triangles dry if you used glue.

Glue one triangle upside-down onto the other triangle to form the Star of David. Let it dry and then you can add a ribbon to hang the Star if you want.

Decoupage –In the small cup, mix a little bit of water with some white glue. Stir until it looks milky.

If your tissue paper is not already in small pieces, cut your tissue into 1-inch squares.

To protect your surface, make this craft on a paper plate. The tissue paper colors will run once you start to paint the glue/water mixture onto the tissue!!!

Paint the glue/water mixture along the craft sticks. Lay your tissue onto the craft sticks. Begin to layer your tissue paper across the Star, filling in the entire thing As you add a piece of tissue, paint your tissue with the glue/water mixture. It’s okay for the whole piece to be wet. It will dry. Don’t worry if your tissue paper hangs over the sides of the triangle because we will fold it over later. Once your entire Star of David craft is covered in tissue paper, brush some of the glue/water mixture along the tissue paper’s edges and corners.

Let your craft dry.

Once your tissue is dry, flip your project over. Paint the glue/water mixture along the craft sticks. If any of your tissue paper from the front is sticking out, now is the time to fold it along the craft sticks before layering on more tissue paper. Now repeat the process of layering on tissue and brushing the glue along the edges and corners as you did previously.

Once completely dry, hang or display your craft for your family to enjoy 🙂

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Let’s Make Shapes!

Hands-on learning is always way more fun than passive learning, so let’s create shapes with plastic cups and craft sticks! First decided what shape to make… For this example, let’s make a triangle together. A triangle has 3 sides, so we will need 3 cups and 3 sticks. Place the cups upside-down to be the base of your shape. Next, lay a craft stick from one cup to another cup — great, now we have formed 1 side of the triangle. Keep connecting the sticks to the cups until you have all 3 sides.

What other shapes can you make with your cups and craft sticks?