Basic Shapes Penguin Craft

Basic Shapes Penguin Craft
Basic Shapes Penguin Craft

Penguins are so cute and I couldn’t resist making a penguin with a heart-shaped tummy for extra adorableness! This basic shapes penguin craft is great for preschoolers to make. Not only does coloring help them with their fine motor skills needed for writing, but this craft also helps them with shapes. Take this opportunity for your kiddo to work on shape identification by saying the names of each shape as they color them.

Supplies Needed:

How To:

Print off the free basic shapes penguin craft template. It is a free, downloadable PDF.

Ask your child to name each shape as they color it. Bonus, count how many of each shape they see.

After all of the shapes have been colored, cut out the pieces. Rounded edges are hard for little ones, so an adult may need to do the cutting.

On a piece of construction paper, assemble the shapes to form a penguin. Look at the sample on the craft template. The large oval is the body; the large heart is the tummy; 2 small circles are the eyes; triangle is the beak; 2 ovals are the wings; and the 2 small hearts are the feet.

Glue all of your pieces onto the construction paper. Let your penguin dry before showing off how cute it is!

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