Egg Maracas

Egg Maracas are a fun and easy activity for you and your preschooler to make together. We reused plastic Easter eggs and added in some dried beans. In just a few minutes, we had our own musical instruments! Now it’s time to shake, shake, shake!


All you need to make your own egg maracas are:

egg maraca supplies: dry pinto beans, 2 plastic eggs, duct tape, and 4 spoons
egg maraca supplies
  • 2 fillable, plastic eggs
  • dry pinto beans
  • 4 plastic spoons
  • duct tape ( you can use Scotch tape or painters tape too)

How To:

Grab your 2 eggs and open them up. Begin filling your eggs with the dried beans. My son really enjoyed filling the eggs with the pinto beans. He kept adding beans until he liked the sound that his egg shakers made.

egg maracas activity
Egg Maracas

I cut the duct tape into 2 strips so we could wrap it around our spoons and eggs to the make the maracas. (Bonus, this keeps the eggs from popping open and spilling the beans). I chose duct tape because 1) I had in on hand, and 2) its more heavy duty than washi tape. We tried washi tape before and it didn’t keep the eggs together very well.

My son helped hold the spoons and egg together so I could wrap them. I definitely needed his help for this part 🙂

And Voila! Within minutes, our project was done and my son excitedly shook his maracas and danced around the family room.

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