Easy Star of David Craft

Are you looking for a quick toddler/preschool Hanukkah craft to make? Try this easy Star of David craft that my son made. All you need are craft sticks, a blue marker, and glue.

easy Star of David craft
Easy Star of David Craft

Supplies Needed:

  • blue marker
  • ribbon (optional if you want to hang your Star)

How To:

Glue the craft sticks together to form 2 separate triangles. If you have glue dots, use them to stick the craft sticks together to speed up the process. Let your triangles dry if you used glue.

Color your triangles blue. My son colored both sides of his project. We used regular Crayola markers and they worked just fine.

Attach with glue dots /Glue one triangle upside-down onto the other triangle to form the Star of David. Let it dry if you used glue. TIP: if you are using glue and having trouble keeping the sticks together, use binder clips to hold them together while drying, or weigh your project down while it is drying.

Once dry, you can add a ribbon to hang the Star if you want.

Decoupage Star of David:

If you want a Hanukkah craft that will be more time consuming and use different mediums, then try our Decoupage Star of David. We used skinnier craft sticks to form our Star and then my son layered on brightly colored tissue paper to decorate his project. This project will take about 20-30 minutes, not including drying time.