Tissue Paper Carrot Craft

I love handprint crafts! They capture your child’s sweet little handprint for you to look back on and ooh and ahh over how small it was 🙂 This tissue paper carrot craft can be used throughout the year! It goes great with an Easter Theme; works for Halloween as a craft for Creepy Carrots by Aaron Reynolds; and it works for learning letter C.

Tissue paper carrot craft for preschool

Supplies Needed:

-construction paper in white/orange* and green

-orange tissue

-glue (we used a glue stick)



*Even though I had picked out white construction paper, my child insisted on using brown paper for his carrot, so feel free to choose any color paper you want.

How To:

First, draw a large triangle on the paper to be the carrot. Let you child practice their cutting skills and cut out the triangle.

If you don’t already have orange tissue paper squares, cut or tear your orange tissue paper into 1-inch pieces.

Glue your tissue paper all over your carrot. We found a glue stick worked just fine for this project. Let your tissue paper dry.

Trace your child’s hand on green paper and cut it out. This will be the carrot’s stem.

Glue the handprint to the top of the carrot to complete the craft!